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Surprise Beachfront Proposal Leaves Fiance In Tears

Thawing that permanent Polar Vortex that resides in our chest (a.k.a. our cold, black hearts) is the first marriage proposal video featuring a gay couple to go viral in 2014. Houston's Jeff Robertson and Jeremiah Pyant are the couple of honor, becoming so after their surprise engagement video landed in our feeds this week.

Jeff provides the context: 

On our annual trip to Mexico I surprised my partner Jeremiah with a special marriage proposal (this isn’t the wedding….just the proposal). Here is how I pulled it off. First I sent a fake letter to our home 6 months ago saying we were chosen for a photo shoot for the resort we vacation at every fall. Then I told him we were saving up for a big trip to Australia for my 30th B-day in 2014. I also told him we would be going on a number of excursions during our vacation i.e. zip-lining, snorkeling, horseback riding and more! When in reality I used those funds and hired the video and camera crew for us.

And you'll have to provide your own Kleenex:



Wow I had no idea this was even posted here!! Thanks for sharing our story!!!


Gay = Sin

Congrats.. So beautiful. I wish u guys all the best.

Wish them happiness God bless you both ♡

Wow lovely am a 26 an single who seeking a lover I wish an pray to fine my true love one day to married to me!!!


I agree with you my fellow bajan brother. It makes me feel so...cant explain it. But I am filled with happiness for them.  ;-)

This is one of the most touching video .It brought tears to my eyes.God bless you both


i am from Africa Ethiopia i live in Germany

am so happy by this two couple am 27 i wish also for my life

the right one i need a man who make in love with him

maybe god give me this guy am 100% gay

bini just watch that too

I'm a 62 year old Stonewall survivor, first generation Gay Activist, and current member of Adodi New York and Unity Fellowship and Rehobeth Church.

This is why we march, parade, fight, struggle, come out, and remember that God id Love, and Love Is for Everyone.

I'm very happy for this young couple, and wish them also the best on their journey together.


Thanks so much!!!!!  We won a contest called My Big Gay Illegal Wedding and celebrated at the Stonewall!!!

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