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Surprise! New Poll Finds Most Russians Don't Want Gays As Neighbors

This may not come as a surprise to you, Instincters, but a recent poll reveals that the majority of Russians don't really want gays living next door (or presumably working alongside them). 

How sad considering we've got so much sugar to share! (Just being neighborly.) 

The Moscow Times writes

Besides drunks, who do Russians not want most as neighbors or colleagues?

The answer: homosexuals, according to new research examining national identity released by a state-run pollster, the Russia Public Opinion Research Center, or VTsIOM.

According to the survey, 51 percent of Russians would not like "under any circumstances" to see a homosexual as a neighbor or co-worker.

Such an apparent loathing of homosexuality was one of the divisions highlighted by the survey, which examined what ideas and values united Russians and what kept them apart. Representing 45 regions across the country, 1,600 Russians took part in the poll.
We'd ask you if you were surprised by the poll results, but we think we know the answer to that. 
Instead, we'll ask how you think these numbers can be improved? Are they a result of the anti-gay legislation that comes from the very top of the Russian government? 
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More Naziesque propaganda which will be used to kill gay people.

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