Survey: One Third Of Americans Don't Identify As Completely Straight

Proving that the Reddit user we told you about early Friday who questions his heterosexuality after watching gay porn might be a pretty common situation is a new YouGov survey. The survey asked respondents about their sexual orientation based on the Kinsey scale where zero means completely heterosexual and six means completely homosexual. 

According to the results, 78 percent identify as zero (totally straight) while 4 percent say they're completely gay. In the middle ground -- somewhere between straight and gay -- landed 16 percent. From this intermediary group, 10 percent are more heterosexual, 3 percent more gay, and 3 percent in the middle still. 

More from YouGov:

31% of under-30s plot themselves as something other than exclusively heterosexual on the seven point 'Kinsey Scale'...

Younger Americans are noticeably less likely than their elders to put themselves in a firm category. While 80% of all Americans say that they are completely heterosexual or homosexual only 66% of under-30s say the same. 29% of under-30s put themselves somewhere on the category of bisexuality.

The older someone is the less likely they are to say that they have fluid sexual attractions. 24% of people aged 30 to 44 say that they're somewhere on the scale of bisexuality, compared to 8% or less of over-45s. 

Another interesting finding from the survey reveals that 8 percent of American men who identify as heterosexual say they've had a same-sex experience; while 15 percent of straight women say the same. 

Are you surprised by the findings released in this poll?



Yes,  I thought there were more of us sixes.  What happened to all the gay guys?

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