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'Survivor' Contestant Caleb Bankston Killed In Train Accident

Very sad news. Survivor contestant, Caleb Bankston, who competed alongside his fiancé Colton Cumbie on the program, was killed on Tuesday.

PEOPLE reports:

Caleb Bankston, who competed on Survivor: Blood vs. Water, died when the train he was on derailed on Tuesday, PEOPLE has confirmed through multiple sources. 

Bankston, 26, worked at the Alabama Warrior Railway in Birmingham. He competed on Survivor: Blood vs. Water in 2013 alongside his fiancé, Colton Cumbie, ending the game in ninth place. 

News of the accident has sent shockwaves through the Survivor community. 

"Caleb was an amazing man and friend," fellow contestant Aras Baskauskas tells PEOPLE. "One of the sweetest and most sincere humans I've ever come across. I am gutted by his loss. My thoughts and prayers are with his family." 

We're sending our condolences to his friends, family, and fans. 


FAT FUCK! He would have died in a few years from heart disease anyways.

Good riddance!

No offense to Caleb's family, but shouldn't we also be hearing about any other victims as well? Just because someone's a celebrity doesn't make other people's losses any less important. Let's be a little classier. 

Other news magazines who report more generalized news topics are indeed covering the other victims.  Instinct is a gay men's magazine and, as such, looks for and publishes articles of particular interest to the gay (men's) community.  Because of this couple's national celebrity, yes, their particular story is more appropriate for this magazine.  That is really how most magazines operate, so I have to disagree with your contention of lack of class here; I think you're misunderstanding what tends to fuel story selection guidelines in terms of target audiences.  But, I have indeed found more information on more generalized news sites about the other victims, so it's out there if you look for it.

First off...I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I lost my partner last July 25th after 26 years together. The grief process isn't easy and it isn't fast. Surround yourself with true friends and you'll make it through. Tomorrow is a new day and yesterday will always be a part of who you are in the here and now. Much love being sent your way...XOXO. Jon

I tragically lost my partner nearly a year ago in July and its absolutely devastating and still is to this day.  My heart goes out to the surviving partner.  I know your hurt and pain.  I pray he finds peace and comfort.

Jon...our stories are so similar.  I lost my partner of 26 years on July 25, 2013.  Each day is a challenge...I feel your pain too.

Always seem the good go first. We should all follow his example and love of life. Prayers to his partner and family.

Wow :( He was such a sweet guy. R.I.P Caleb and my heart goes out to Colton. Hope God gives him the strength to carry on.

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