Susan Sarandon Calls Debra Messing "Trumpian" & "Not Very Well Informed"

Susan Sarandon's Twitter feud with Debra Messing went live during Sarandon's visit to Watch What Happens Live and Sarandon had some pretty controversial things to say about Messing.



From Entertainment Weekly:

“She’s not very well informed and so sometimes she gets in areas that she really hasn’t thought through, maybe? She’s Trumpian a little bit like that,” Sarandon told host Andy Cohen. “So, I don’t have anything against her personally. I just sometimes I have to say, ‘But you don’t have the information.'”


(H/T: EW)



Sarandon always has the same fallback when she can't defend her point. She tries to pretend she is so intelligent and the people who disagree with her are basically too stupid to understand her. 

This is the false defence of the intellectually bankrupt. Sarandon is lacking in intelligence and awareness far more than those she accuses.

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