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Suspected Gay Men Forced To March Naked Through Nigeria's Capital Before Being Beaten By Police And Two Violent Mobs

The situation in Nigeria for its gay citizens continues to deteriorate. In early February, shortly after the African nation officially criminalized homosexuality, a suspected gay couple was forced to have sex in front of an angry mob. But late last week and over the weekend the violent mob rule intensified. 

In Abuja, Nigeria's capital, a mob of more than 50 people forced 14 suspected gay men to march through the streets naked last week. Once in the Gishiri neighborhood, the mob beat the men with nail-studded clubs, whips, iron bars and anything else that could be weaponized. Police joined the mob in beating the men, with one man nearly dying from the injuries he sustained. 

"They all had weapons," one witness said. "Some were having wires, whips. Some had broken furniture. They said they wanted to kill. They were moving around from one person's house to another."

Following the attack, the mob wrote "Homosexuals, pack and leave" on the homes of the men they assaulted. 

Saturday night, a second mob went out on a mission to rid Nigeria of its LGBT people. "We have been notified that 10 men, suspected to be gay, were rounded up and beaten last night in the town of Geshiri, near Abuja, by a mob of about 40 people," International Gay And Lesbian Human Rights Commission Executive Director Jessica Stern reported. Five of the men were apparently detained by police before being released. 

"The leaders are just watching, and now the Nigerian social fabric is being disintegrated by acts of mob violence," said human rights activist Dorothy Aken'Ova about the mob attacks. "Now we have this new category as a result of the new law. And the government is quiet."

Does the situation in Nigeria remind you of any other blemish on human history that's occurred in the past 100 years?

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Thank you Christopher...Everyone should be able to love the one they matter gender or whatever... let us MOVE past our differences and embrace the human race, good, bad, flawed, whatever... we are all we have... and we have so many other problems... let us put this one aside and embrace our differences...

Being gay has officially been connected to he tics, therefore god did create "gayism"

Linked to genetics*

Very curious!!! How do you know what God meant?

Gayism are u serious?  I think U need to get a DICKtionary... cause u sound like a complete Douche Nozzel

As a black gay South African Im also just disappointed and angered by the fact that those who know how 'violent discrimination' and just plain ol discrimination feels are the ones who are proudly taking the world stage being propagators of the very same thing that left many parts of Africa in tatters. These are bad times..

Primitive and mean spirited are the actions of these sub-humans.

Why on earth would they force them to have sex in public if they're so against it, sick bastards! What is the world coming to that you can't be what you are born to be!

The only good thing Most Majority of Heterosexual Men gave to the world was breeding with women and creating tools and medicine for survival.  That's it.  Otherwise they 'the Majority of Heterosexual Men' are good for nothing when it comes to human rights and dignity of every person.  The only thing they understand is violence, rape, mayhem and control and abuse of women and children, gay bashing, murder, war, and nothing more.  Love to them is between the sheets rather then show of compassion to those who are different then themselves, or who are less fortunate then themselves, or to those weaker then themselves.  We gay people's sins are according to these stupid heterosexuals mentioned above is that we are not violent like them, and that we are loving, caring and compassionate people on most majority of times.  This world will go to Hell thanks to these heterosexuals and their stupidity and their stupid twisted sense of morality.  I'm being honest and I will not speak politically correct.  I don't follow warmongers ideology to shove whatever evil they do under the rug in the name of human rights.

If they believe in any form of god or gods and then their god or gods tells them to do this twisted act of barbarism, then the god or gods they worship are demonic or satanic gods.  

But just remember... In the Roman Days straight men used to have Sex with Other guys (slaves) as a form of release

When they stop being scared of themselves and truly look in their hearts and listen that is when all hatred will stop♥

This is so wrong we are all human beings what is the world becoming to is there nothing our world leaders can do or where do we start helping fellow LGBTI communities in other countries can do .

To Keith Farrell 

Its people like you that bring this world down. 

We don't make the choice to be gay we are born this way. People do make the choice though to treat homosexuals in bad ways. People make the choice to be homophobic. 

And Keith you make the choice to think the way you do and make this world a gated place. 

Lets live in peace 

The heart of the great vow for freedom and the life state of enlighten being are one and the same .


In my view, the West push for more advocacies on LGBT rights is responsible for the danger the LGBT community are facing in Africa due to lack of  understanding or deliberate ignoring the sensitivity of the cultural and social structure dimension of the communities in Africa. Instead of condemning the leaders, I think it is important to start asking questions Why this Laws now?, especially in Nigeria and Uganda, why not 20 years or even 10 years ago?. This will go a long way to understand how to fight for the LGBT rights without creating more problems for the already vulnerable community. Or what is the essence of advocacy that create more problems than solutions

Growing up in Nigeria, I often would hear the word, “dan daudu” this term is attributed to a person who has the characteristics and demeanor of both male and female; however, with more pronounced male features. From my understanding dan daudu sometimes dresses like a woman and has sexual intercourse with both male and female. Dan daudu at times would marry a male and or a female for reproduction. I don’t recall hearing a revolt against this special gender amongst us. They were accepted in a community that are Predominantly Christians in the Middle-belt and in some cases in the North where Islam is consider as the religion. No one castigated them for anything, despite the fact that the 1979 constitution stated 2 years jail term for sodomy, none was arrested or persecuted. One could say, dan daudu would have his “cake and eat it is too”. But I can say to you that today, the same people that were accepted by the same communities are being hunted down like dogs, the big question is WHY?. Also when I was in Primary school, I often hear my aunts discussing about their friends in school that are lesbians, my aunts did not discriminate against them and yet they live together in Harmony, But now the story has changed.

However, the trend of tolerance changed about 5 to 7 years ago when the advocacy for LGBT rights started growing in Nigeria. I will argue that the hatred for LGBT is as a result of the counter discourse against LGBT right by religious leaders, painting the picture of those that advocate for LGBT rights are Atheists (which for me is untrue, I have Christian friends that are activist) or looking to make money. It is rather unfortunate that a good cause has now been politicized, and I don’t see how this will benefit the cause of the LGBT community. The discourse is  so strong that a street trader now knows what is LGBT but in a wrong way because the other side is winning based on the highly religious structure of the society (Identity). African leader wants to show to the world that I don’t take shit from the west, this is unafrican, and it is against our culture and our God. For them, it is a way to get what they wanted from the west, at least North Korea Young Leader threatened to start a nuclear War last year to get more food aids. In many ways, one will not blame them because of the selective intervention of the WEST on abuse of human right. I wonder why such intervention were not done in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Brunei among other western allies known for highest level of disregard to Human rights. Yet Obama visited Senegal to call for respect for LGBT, Women, Rule of Law and democracy. I am eager to see him visit any of the countries I mentioned above and issue same statement, fund advocacy groups to sensitize the communities of LGBT rights n Saudi Arabia.

I think it is high time to discuss why the hostilities against LGBT is so strong in Africa, I have a clear evidence of the Dan daudu in Nigeria, once lived in peace within the community now hunted for what was initially accepted by the community  

At least because of the internet we are all getting informed about these incidents and we are not staying in the dark anymore...The whole world is watching these scums monsters...
Time to get all kind of harsh measures so this outrageous situation will come to an END at last!

Well said Marios.

I hope so.  For all of our sake.

Alex Blue

I have so much RANGE! So angry ! It really bugs me that the worldwide political leaders & organizations about human rights are not taking drastic action and just sit there and watch these people suffering because of their sexual orientation!
If only i could do something to HELP them..!
These monkeys parasites must pay for their atrocities!

Don't we have an intelligence agency, or three, that could use some good P.R. And practice some black ops?!  #KickAss #CIA #SpecOps

The fact is that the religious right is behind this.  They couldn't get a foothold here or in UK or France so they went into countries and bought their way in to contaminate country leaders.  Of course who cares if it is Africa or the Caribbean.  This must end.  

Very sad! ;(

stopppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp :(

Disgusting ignorant bigots.

The situation in Nigeria is getting worse every day.  There must be something that we can do.  We can't just look at Nigeria as a country of backward people & right them off.  LGBT people are being victimized, beaten, humiliated & even killed on a regular basis. The general ideals of the Nigerian masses are clearly not progressive.  They follow a blueprint taught to them by Western Evangelical Christians & Islamic fundamentalists.  They have been brainwashed by bible touting Christians  & Muslim extremists.  They are misinformed & mis-educated.  They need to be re-educated & Christians & Muslims need to be the ones to do it.  The conversation needs to be changed.

We (You) need to write to our religious leaders, governments, celebrities, philanthropists, ANYONE who might have any influence in world politics.  We have to speak up for these people.  They are US.  Say Something!

@pontifex (the Pope on Twitter) (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

Stand up & be heard.  Help the LGBT people of Nigeria

I'm not biased toward those who are religious, however I'm hard pressed to believe that if this were happening to Christians, there would be massive worldwide outrage. However, ironically enough it is the very group that organized religion has fought so hard to create a stigma against. We all bleed the same. This isn't right.

When will people wake up and realize people don't make a choice to be gay no more then people are born men or women, and i don't see where it's anybody's dam business who they sleep with, i can just imange someone coming into my brdm and telling me that the women I'm married to is the wrong women and we want you to be with someone else. man o man they sure as hell would regret walking into my brdm, they might not walk out at all. 

good news CONNOLY

Africa, what's wrong with your countries? You're all acting like a bunch of baboons stuck in the caveman era. Thank God you don't have weapons of mass destruction. I think U.N. should defund those countries and impose sanctions to hold those accoutntable for their actions.

Are these words of bigotry really coming from a gay man?  Dang.  You, sir, are the caveman, not the baboon--baboons have more respect for their elders and peers.

Please stay focused on the issue of intolerance, violence, homophobia and injustice.  Please don't add fuel to the fire by being bigoted yourself.

You'd think U.N. would step in to put a stop to all this. They forbid member countries in participating with public displays of humiliation as a form of punishment. I would end that country's monetary funding immediately through the IMF.

Regardless of a persons colour what gives them the right to treat another human like this purely on the basis of sexual orientation. I had hoped and thought we as a human race had learnt from the mistakes of the past and learnt to treat all people with the respect and dignity that we wish be treated with after all it is 2014. So very sad and disgusting 

To Keith F.

This just shows how ignorant and uncivilized you are...if you would like to get technical lets go back through out HISTORY and see the many barbaric and murderous acts WHITE men have done to ALL people of color...based on land, money, oil, race, sex, ....and other variables......this heinous act that was commite these people are not about race dipshit.....its about their sexual orientation

The American Christians are backing all this type of stuff 

There are a lot of people in this country who would want to do this.  Do not take your civil rights for granted.  They could always be taken away.

This reminds me of haw barbaric black people are. you can take them out of the bush but you cannot take the bush out of them. They are like sheep easily led.

The are not civilized and never will be. Black people have never learned how to respect others

I challenge anyone to prove me wrong

Gotta agree with Keith.

You are very wrong

The first country in the world to enshrine equal rights for gay people was South Africa after Apartheid.

I should clarify: By "enshrine," I meant "enshrine in their constitution."

They are being used by the Christians just like you clown, hows that for some TRUTH asshole 

Keith Farrel, did you skip the chapter on slavery in US History class? What white people did to black people in America for 200 years is worse than this. Wake the hell up.

The mere fact YOU, Keith Farrell, are wrong is that I will not even address this post other than to point out that you can't spell and clearly didn't pay attention to the grammar and syntax sections of English in your classes. The rest of the posts will point to the auto ignorance you have posted by lumping every single person who identifies as black into the category of those 50 people who humiliated and beat those men. Well, let me say this. I wouldn't piss on you even if you were on fire. How's that for civility?

well some body is clearly a racist. lets not look back into white history and the violence you all had on your own people. 

Can anyone say Hitler's regime?

Truly heartbreaking. I wouldn't wish this type of brutally on even my enemies.


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