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Swedish Ice Cream Company Claims This Isn't A Penis Popsicle, But....

For those of you craving a sweet treat we may have just the thing--but don't call us about costs to import it from Sweden!

The "X-Pop" is the latest popsicle craze from Sweden and we think it may be a little X-Rated!

Manufacturer GB Glace maintains that it looks like a rocket--and we'd agree, assuming they mean "pocket rocket." Here's the popsicle treat in real life:

Lickable, right? 

The top of the pop also apparently explodes in your mouth, so do with that what you will. 

Still GB Glace maintains that it's just a normal popsicle and they have no idea what people are clamoring about.

What about you, Instincters? 


(H/T: Daily Dot/NNNext)


It's a cocksicle 

id shove it in my asshole

mmmmm ya baby wish it exploded in other places like my pussy... and yes i will FOCUS and think of those starving kids while i have a cum shot Popsicle 

if looks like a dick tasted like a popsicle and  pops off in your mouth like a dick  its a freaking popsicle dick lol

Yeah that is a dick stick.  The tip is highly suggestive to not have been noticed.  Would I eat it?  Honey, I'd deep throat it.

Please let it explode in my mouth....Oh yea...Oh oOH OOOH OOHH OMG ...Deeeeepeeeer !

Depends how you suck the top part. You can shape it into any form yummy ...

Even if it is dick shaped so what? Banana has is dick shaped doesn't mean we will stop eating bananas. Remove homophobia get a life 

If you dick is shaped like a banana you should go see a doctor.

If it is it's not an attractive one lol wow 

Who cares! People need to explore more shapes! I would buy this. Yum! 

Who cares

Totally a cock pop! 

I'd try it. nom

Does cream come out the center if you lick it?

Please.  Get a life.  There are starving children in the world.  FOCUS

You all are fucking sickos! you see a popsickle and think children eating one on a hot summer day ... sick fucks! you people need to get a god dam life! you all do not have much of a you!

Shut up.

Sounds like you need to cool off... oh wait! heheheh

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