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Swedish Pro Footballer Marcus Juhlin Comes Out

NFL prospect Michael Sam's courage has reverberated around the world to Sweden, where pro-(American)-football star Marcus Juhlin has come out as gay. 

"Help me close the closet door and step out onto a better and more enjoyable life without limitations," Marcus says in his QX cover story that carries his announcement. 

"I've known since I was in middle school that I was not like everyone else," he adds. "I had [a] girlfriend in sixth grade, but it never felt right. It was fun to hang out with my guy friends over kissing her and holding her hand. Girls were boring and I know that I thought 'I can not spend a whole life with a girl' when I was 12 years old. [Laughs]'"

The landmark story came about after Marcus wrote QX editors an email with his intent to come out of the closet. 

It reads [sic]:

Why do I write this text to you? Well ... I want people to see that I, like everyone else, is a man. A gay man who now do not care about everything I previously thought and now wants to step forward as a proud gay even though I compete and train in the highest Swedish level in one of the more manly sports there. I'm already who I want to be. The one I always have been. But I no longer want to stand with the closet open, ready to jump into it when I need to. Help me turn off the crap and take a step towards a better, more enjoyable life without limitations!

Marcus joins (European) footballer Anton Hysen on Sweden's national stage as an openly gay professional major-league athlete. Congrats, Marcus!

For more on the story, visit QX.



Right on!

I haven't heard those words in over 30 years......but, I agree.

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