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T-Pain Rips Apart Homophobia In Hip-Hop In Amazing Six Minute Spiel

After imbibing what seems to be one to seven Red Solo Cups filled with adult beverages, T-Pain rants to Vlad TV about pervasive homophobia in hip-hop. He calls anti-gay attitudes in the industry "weird," "terrible" and even says he doesn't "fuck with" homophobes. Every second of the six-minute spiel on homophobia is entertaining to watch even when it approaches cringe-worthy generalization territory, like when T-Pain talks about his gay assistant:

People don't fuck with me because he's around me. People feel like, 'Oh shit, I wanna go say something to Pain but that gay dude is right there,' and it's like, he ain't lookin' for you, nigga! Nigga, if he was looking for you...let me tell you about these gay niggas, boy. These gay niggas'll get on you. These gay niggas bold. If they want you, they gonna tell you before you even know they in there. They gon' get you for real.


You ain't even got bitches. Why you think this gay dude is gonna like you? Bitches don't even like you! That's stupid, bruh!...Even if they did like you, it's gonna be bottoms, so you would be the one fucking the motherfucker. You ain't gonna be the bottom. Ain't nobody gonna get behind you, 'Hey big boy.' No, they don't do that shit. That's not how that works. Unless you're in prison.

There will be more than enough gays complaining about the comments over the coming days in frenetically-typed social media declarations (which themselves will likely be generalizations). I won't be one of them. T-Pain gets right down to the meat of a sensitive and too-often skirted discussion, encasing his entire argument in the humor necessary to make it digestible. Will it transform the glacial-paced sea change in hip-hop into a tidal wave of tolerance? Unlikely, but having yet another major player in the industry speak out against Pleistocene-era attitudes is worth something, right?

What do you think about T-Pain's comments on hip-hop's homophobia problem?



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We need allies like this.  He reaches a broad audience of people who are often homophobic.  The hip hop community is notoriously un-accepting.  This is great.

I applaud his honesty and the fact that he's willing to even publicly acknowledge and then take the right-side on this issue. He is in an industry which is intensely saturated by false masculinity, female objectification, violence, competition, etc.. For him to speak-up about something which challenges most every industry "norm" is huge and I commend him for it; even though it may not be the best manner, I admire his bravery.

i found him to be honest and open minded. yes he's crass and a bit ignorant. but i think we can all sense he's not like other hip hop artists. so before we start being too critical, let's give him a hand for at least being honest and not homophobic. we aren't perfect ourselves, so i would hope we are able to see the good in people and see their intentions. 

I think its brilliant. Yes, there will be those that will complain and be overly sensitive of the generalizations and to them I say: chill the fuck out!

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