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Taiwanese Phone Ad Gets A (Creepy??) Gay Twist

Taiwanese IT giant, Asus, has released this new ad for the ZenFone, highlighting the phone's photo-editing function, but it's the promo's gay twist that has the ad going viral! 

As Gay Star News describes:

The ad starts with a ‘boy-meets-girl’ scene that is way too typical for viewers to expect much out of it. Egged on by his best friend, the boy gives the girl a poem that he writes and they fall in love within days. The threesome have some happy outings, but the boy eventually discovers that his friend has stuck up many photos of them on a wardrobe – and the girl has been edited out, without exception. Shocked at first, the boy ends up looking into the eye of his friend, somewhat romantically. A Korean love song then starts playing and the tagline ‘Delete the dispensable John Doe in your life’ appears.

"Somewhat romantically" is certainly one take. Watch the ad and give us your interpretation:

We're not sure if that's the look of love or Fatal Attraction-esque terror at the end, but it's certainly a nifty editing feature! 

Nothing says "I love you" better than erasing your competition!!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)



Yes indeed. Creepy.

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