Tajikistan Made A Registry Of Gay And Lesbian Citizens, According To Report

Tajikstan has created a registry of 367 of its LGBT citizens, according to a report by Radio Free Europe.

The suggested goal of the effort is to "prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases."

RFE became aware of the registry through an article published by the Tajik Prosecutor-General's Office.

The article stated that, 319 gay men and 48 lesbians had been included in the registry, after their "affiliation with sexual minorities has been proven."

Alarmingly, the journal suggested that the effort to identify the citizens came under operations codenamed "Purge" and "Morality."

And It's worth mentioning that in spite of Tajikstan's move to decriminalize homosexuality in 1998, human rights groups state that LGBT people face daily persecution in the Muslim-majority state. 

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There is a point where this kind of news overwhelm you. It just lets you see how religion is dangerous and can turn people into monsters and all this for an imaginary being conceived by people with a barbaric view of the world.

What one could wish is that one very soon day people start questioning their religious beliefs and then leave them behind in history where they belong and replace that archaic and barbaric belief system with critical thinking, empathy, reason, humanity.

Morality doesn't come with religion; morality comes all the traits I mentioned above plus science. If anythign, religion has been hugely destructive for humanity.

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