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Take That Ellen: Shirtless Muscle Dudes Take Jaw-Dropping Group Selfie (And Video Selfie!)

We'd finally have an excuse to have our jaw redone if we happened upon this sight in the middle of the city, dropping our jaw to new lows and whatnot. 

While posing for Justin Taylor Photography, Instagram star Zac Aynsley took the opportunity to take a selfie along with his fellow shirtless trainers (above). Take that Ellen! 

Thankfully, Zac also took a video selfie of the guys parading down the street, readying themselves for the sexy shoot. 

And don't think we wouldn't share other images from the glorious photo shoot:

​(h/t: Gaily Grind)


Self-absorbed losers to be sure.  Tattooed losers and dumb-ass human trash Jeff Seid.  I say...meh.

Jeff Seid is amazing!

i think it is insulting to compare this to ellen's famous oscar pic. Those people achieved something by working hard in their own crafts (e.g.. lupita, bradley, angelina ... ) ... 

they are out of proportion. if you put them in a suit, their shoulders will be so much wider. I don't know why a person would think their bodies are ideal. You would not see this type of body in runway and fashion magazines. 

Like that matters??

group selfie is called groupie! lol

Just don't talk, when they talk it's ruined 

Like I like them... blonde, dumm, hung, and full of c$&m

Um ....this is years old ...and the actual pics aren't even selfies . 

They probably need more steroids lol

These guys need to let their chest hair grow and go get a cheeseburger.

So they can look like you?

As ridiculous as these pictures are, this is the kind of ridiculous that I enjoy. 

Hot bodies don't hide much, particularly over indulged senses of self importance. #shutupandlookpretty

There is such a thing as too muscular and these guys are it.

That who speaks doesnt really looks good.. The other does. Ready to shoot porns!

Eurgh, there's nothing more unattractive than an over-plucked eyebrow on a dude

If you find the original post in Instagram, he also hashtags NO HOMO. This is one straight guy who aint comfortable with himself or his sexuality.

Wonder Bruno - no they aren't deformed. This is what "in shape" guys look like. I realize they are rare these days. 

Is anyone else not offended by the comment " i have a feeling some of us might get butt hurt soon"? Like really why is it that all straight guys think we gay guys wanna fuck them? And if there gay why the same thing? just because they look"hot" ? 

"Butt hurt" means offended. I'm sure you read way too much into it!

what does the cute guy on the video say? anyone pick it up? thnx.

maouth watering... dick raising!!

They are deformed.

If by deformed you mean in shape, then yes...

Jeff Seid!!!

Manchester has never been so hot

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