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Take That Putin: Zac Efron Rides Horse On The Beach While Shirtless

You can finally take those homoerotic pics of Putin riding a horse while shirtless down from the wall by your bed. There's something even better that can replace them: Zac Efron doing just the same. 

Like an opening scene out of a Bel Ami movie or the cover of a romance novel, Zacky-poo rode a horse on a beach in Sardinia the only way one can ride a horse on a beach in Sardinia: shirtless. 

Zac is still in the region on a PDA-world-tour with new girlfriend, Michelle Rodriguez. The pair stopped off on the beach for some horseback riding and selfie/couplie shots, naturally. 

(Source: E!Online)


Takes a stallion to know a stallion. Ride em Zac boy. ride 'em hard!! He's got the sweet personality to go with his hotness!

"Zac Efron" means shirtless-young-man-on-a-horse in Ukrainian.

Bottomless??? Only if he wanted to be lol

Now if he was bottomless, then that would be noteworthy...  Damn... Lucky stupid horse!! lol

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