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Taylor Lautner Drops His Towel In "Cuckoo" Trailer

We haven't heard or seen much from Taylor Lautner since Twilight ended (and that brief stint as an action hero lead didn't fair too well). The second season of BBC Three sitcom Cuckoo returns the hunky star to our attention, and judging by the just-released trailer, he actually pulls off quite a few laughs when he's not making gay fans moan.

Check out the SFW trailer featuring a thicker Tay Tay dropping his towel:

(h/t: Attitude)


his body is certainly not what it used to be. Tired old thang! NEXT!!

Are you mad?! He's perfection on a silver platter. I'd do him any day or better yet him do me. 

You are clearly delusional. He's gorgeous.

what a change ! love U Tay ;)

He is sexy

before yesterday I never knew this show existed....NOW I MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I worship this gift from the gay gods!!!!!! that naturally glowing tan skin, that adorable dimpled chin--just the idea of being there in front of him as that towel dropped....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if taylor would marry me??

You're sexy

He is sexy and very hot

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