Tchaikovsky Gets De-Gayed For Russian Biopic

"Ex gay" therapy for the living is a joke. But when forced upon a homosexual posthumously, it might be even more outrageous. Pyotr Tchaikovsky, the 19th century composer who has a closet-full of evidence pointing to his sexual orientation, will apparently be de-gayed in an upcoming Russian biopic. 

Screenwriter Yuri Arabov is reportedly backpedaling a more realistic script attached the project that was greenlit last year. In it, Tchaikovsky's love affair with a younger man is well documented. However, in the wake of Russia's new anti-gay law and Putin's international reputation as a barbaric homophobe, the biopic's script has suddenly been scrubbed of the gay, along with Arabov's memory. Now, Arabov claims that Tchaikovsky was just a person without a family who has been stuck with the opinion that he supposedly loves men.”

While others involved with the project admit that the previous script has been altered to include "absolutely no homosexuality," the reasoning behind the "conversion therapy" posthumously given to Tchaikovsky remains unknown. It's a stretch *sarcasm*, but Queerty might be on to something as it reports that the Russian Ministry of Culture has underwritten the biopic. The Russian government wouldn't censor the gay out of a celebrated gay historical figure would it? 

(Via Queerty)



This entire country is a homophobic backwater. A basket case destroyed by centuries of totalitarian, violent, regimes.

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