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Teacher Accused Of Bullying Gay Student Into Attempted Suicide

Since bullying amongst your peers isn't nightmarish enough...

A teacher at a Charleston, South Carolina high school has been named as the leader in the relentless bullying of a gay student that led the student to attempt suicide. 

ABC News 4 reports:

The Charleston County School District has been named in a lawsuit filed in Charleston County courts that allege a math teacher bullied a gay student to the point he attempted suicide.

According to court filings from Aug. 30, the West Ashley High School math teacher is not named as a defendant but his name fills the pages in the filing, alleging during the spring, he called the plaintiff gay in front of other students on a daily basis.

The student's attorney said the 16-year-old student is still undergoing treatment and has withdrawn from school to be home-schooled.

The student was called "gay," "gay boy," "Mrs. Pete," and "Mrs. Peter," according to the lawsuit. 

The suit alleges the teacher also encouraged other members of the class to pick on and belittle the plaintiff. The student reportedly felt like he could not report the bullying to school administrators and "could not appeal to any of his classmates due to the alienation and isolation."

The bullying got so bad the student tried to take his own life by hanging, the suit alleges.

The suit is seeking actual damages and for a trial by jury. It names the school system because it alleges administrators failed to prevent, discover or stop the teacher's actions.


We often hear about teachers and administrators not doing enough to curb bullying in schools, but in this case it sounds like the teacher was a primary instigator. 

Wonder if he'd care if he ultimately had this kid's blood on his hands?

Apparently no formal criminal charges have been filed against the teacher--which probably means he's still teaching students and shaping (and breaking) young minds. 

Let's hope that changes quickly. 


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