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Teen Not Guilty Of Catfishing Gay Teacher!

Teen Not Guilty Of Catfishing Gay Teacher!

From Grindr To The CourtHouse!

WTF! A few months ago, all the LGBTQ buzz was how a female student – and subsequently her male friend (possibly gay), Brian Joshua Anderson – catfished their high school French teacher. If you’re unfamiliar with the term Catfish: It’s when you use a fake identity online in order to gain information from someone who you know wouldn’t ever reveal themselves to you. I’d name the teacher, but unfortunately, I don’t want this man’s life to be tarnished upon a Google search as it already probably is. Why are we calling him out again within the LGBTQ media? Can we not stick up for our own? Anyway, this nosey, cruel, female student, Bittney Renee Luckenbaugh, of North Carolina, catfished her teacher on the dating application, Grindr. Yes, she posed as a young man in an effort to swoon her less-than-smart language teacher. And of course, you bet that once the two students received those photographs they giggled their butts off and decided to embarrass the unsuspecting man: Showcasing nude pictures to the entire school.

Okay, I know what you may be thinking. The Teacher shouldn’t have been sending nude photographs of himself. Sure, you can go ahead and make that case. However, I’m willing to bet anyone under the age of 45 has sent a nude picture of themselves if they are online dating – or hooking up rather. It’s the modern day and age. Get over it. Rightfully so, Luckenbaugh’s friend sold her out as the culprit of the situation, so she was taken to court by her Teacher. Due to this interaction, the Teacher was suspended without pay and reassigned to another school. How embarrassing, seriously. This story is making me furious.

While in court, the Teacher had to claim why he was using Grindr in the first place. He had to publicly admit he uses it as a dating and potential hook up site. Luckenbaugh had a tough Lawyer, who fought that the Teacher had no right to privacy after sending the images to his student in disguise. It turns out – Luckenbaugh and her legal team won. You’ve got to be kidding me. Luckenbaugh’s grimey Lawyers wish all parties the best and hope everyone may be able to move forward from the uncomfortable situation. Wow. I’m literally baffled. So, this girl gets to have nothing but awkward interactions with her future High School Teachers and the other man gets to hold his head in shame in his town?

Do you think justice was served? I sure the hell don’t.

This article originally appeared on Queerty.