Teen Trans Couple Talk Intimacy, Sex & Love

Katie and Arin (19 and 17, respectively) became a cultural sensation in July after both came out as transgender ... and in love.

After a few months of letting the headlines die down, Katie and Arin appeared on The Trisha Goddard Show, where the host probed them repeatedly with questions about their sex life. The duo, both of whom are rising faces of the trans equality movement, reacted to the infatuation with pure class. "It's never about that, really for us," Arin said. "I mean, it's about the connection and the love that we have."

And, because I must, the best comment today goes to Gawker reader Gregoire:

Sick, disgusting and against God's word. I'm referring, of course, to Trisha's weave.

Thanks, Gregoire! You've won the Internet. We can all quit for the day.