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Teen Vine Star w/ 8.7 Million Followers Links 'Fags' To Spread Of HIV

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16-year-old Vine star Nash Grier (who has a whopping 8.7 million followers!) posted a disturbing Vine video to his presumably impressionable fans linking "fags" to HIV.

Following major backlash, Grier removed the video, but not before YouTube superstar Tyler Oakley reposted it with his own important message for the teen vlogger:

There's a lot of weird anger in that video, right?

For his part, Nash has since apologized, posting on Twitter:

Perhaps this will be a teachable moment?

Kudos to Tyler for speaking out. What's your reaction to Nash's video and his subsequent apology, Instincters?


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Leave him alone guys he made a mistake and everyone has made a mistake jeez just because a guy said something in his opinion which was stupid I know but he's 16 just get off his case we have all made mistakes in our lives and a lot of them where because we were young and dumb I'm a 13 year old girl and you all are acting like your 6 years old I mean seriously grow the f up and leave Nash Grier alone.

Well he is gay because Dallas camron Is and he has been caught kissing him

It's cameron Dallas for one get it right and so tf what if he was kissing him god damn. He can do whatever tf he wants ok, it dosent concern you. Stay tf outta his business. And Cameron isn't gay, idk who told you that but ya they're wrong. Ok so get your facts straight before u say shit

He'd be'sorry' if he were removed from Vine. He would demonstrate his sorrow if he were to remove himself from Vine ... However, I suspect that he is not sufficiently 'sorry' to do that.

Omg! Who cares!


I do not respect for this lil punk boy, that has no sense of morality. Appoligize all you will little boy, karma will bite your ass one day, then maybe you will learn to respect human life as it is, and not how you want it to be.

The kid was just playing and being silly. Justin Bieber has said and done worse before he became famous, using the "N" word and glorifying the KKK. And the young girls (and boys) who follow him and cream in their pants over him have made him a VERY rich young man. 


You fags that have AIDS are constantly on grndr and other manmeet sights searching for men to fuck you raw, further spreading your disease.

You should all be drowned like rats!

I have never once been on Grindr or any other site, mind you, looking for a guy to fuck me raw.

Having said that, straight people spread the virus also.

Your obviously an uneducated troll just looking to get a rise out of us.

I love that you know all about Grindr and your actually on a gay website.

I guess when your mom finds this site in your browser history you need some type of excuse to give her. Then you will go on living your horrible meaningless life in the closet and being bitter because the rest of us are out and proud!

People like you shouldn't be living on this planet. Let me guess you're american.

What does being American have to do with this guys bigoted comments?

So it isn't ok for him to make these comments but yet it is ok for you to associate his comments with being American?

Bigotry exists in all countries.

I am American and proud of it! I also happen to be gay. I also do not like prejudice in any form!

Have a nice day!

Ooh.  Never heard of manmeet. What's that Mr. Anonymous?  You seem to know your cock sites.  Please share.  Wait, are you that mouth on the other of the gloryhole we never see? 

People like u disgrace us as being humans, by the way how do you know what gays do on those sights??? In the closet still?? Oh dear :)

It's unfortunate that a moron as dumb as you has no idea that most people sick with or affected by HIV/AIDS are heterosexual, not gay, and disproportionately live in underdeveloped parts of the world without access to treatment. You obviously can't empathize or sympathize with other people, and you lack any form of intelligable cognition, but having to look at yourself in the mirror is definitely a far worse affliction to go through life with than any known disease. Put into terms that may or may not be comprehensible to a primitive subhuman like yourself, that is to say you're nothing short of a typing parasitic infection, festering in your own toxicity, an absolute waste of skin.

Very well said

U ignorant fuck,  theirs millions of straight sights set up for the same reason.   I hate dumbass people like you 

No.  YOU are the ignorant one.  First of all, your grammar and spelling is attrocious.  That right there says a LOT about your ignorance and education (or lack thereof).  And I'm sorry to break the news to you, but it's TRUE that the majority of HIV infected individuals around the world are indeed STRAIGHT.  Educate yourself.  

Only in Africa, where AIDS originated, is HIV considered a straight disease. Lol

Thanks nigger!

You're not welcome honky nazi, spic or chink lol!!

It's his way of dealing with his own homosexuality. He'll get over it...

I used to say this all the time. Is it true... No. It's a stupid false stereotype based off of fears from homophobic people. I do not think he meant the way people are taking it as. I think he meant it as a literal sarcastic joke. Taking something that is obviously not true and making a sarcastic remark. We all do it in one form or another. But because we have our panties in a bunch we can't look past what it is on the outside. We hear fag and run and grab our torches to burn the bigots. 

As fake as his blue contacts. What a miserable little tool. He has no idea the sadness and pain the world went through in the 80s. Who the hell cares how someone gets a disease. If it affects a human being, compassion is the only reaction that one should give. This speaks of his character. We will wait on pins and needles for his own future to unroll in all of its splendid stupidity. 

His next announcement will be that he himself is gay and already has h.i.v. I feel kind of sorry for the little queen.

Factal ignorance aside, he's a child. Why are we putting this much effort into the rant of a teenager...

Hate and ignorance do not just fade away with age. Ignoring acts of bigotry and discrimination actually teaches kids that it must be acceptable since no one is standing up. You learn from your mistakes. Do it on a worldwide forum and the response will be accordingly and appropriately huge. We should NEVER ignore the actions of our children. We should educate.

The only apology I've believed in quite awhile is Jonah Hills. I could hear it in his voice and it was simple and not overly dramatic.

Like his blue contacts!  How nice.  Let's give him the benefit of believing him this time. See how he grows up and what he truely stands for. 

If you say so Craig. Not. I hope he loses all his endoresement. 

He has posted homophobic vines in the past. Perhaps he doth protest too much.

I thought he was Miley Cyrus

Me too!

Baby queer with dick issues.  It will pass after a pooper pokin'.

Who the fuck you calling queer?

Fuck u and you bullshit apology.

I can't be, "forgive and forget," in this instance.  I'm exhausted with how people can do some seriously damaging stuff, say a quick "apology" (which is almost never written by themselves), and then we all move on and pretend like nothing happened, forgetting that it is exactly this type of subtle stuff that infiltrates our way of thinking.  People forget that all this little transgressions pile up.  You don't have to be Donald Stirling-levels of blatant to have an effect.  Sometimes you have to say, "No, there are consequences to what you did.  Sorry is not enough."

Where did you see that he has 8.7 million followers? ... he only has 2.7 ..... what happened there? .... This he always have that number of followers or that many millions left him in one day? .... DAMN!!!

You are a fool. he has 8.7 million vine followers and 2.7 twitter followers. Now be gone!

Wow. That was unnecessary. YOU look like the fool here with your juvenile slam followed by a tired old catchphrase. 

Thanks for clearing that out for me... you are right... and thanks for proving that the world is full of nasty unpleasant people like you.... Now be gone.... (trash talker)

Sometime an apology is just not enough. Too many times we are so ready to forgive and forget. This is one of those times. I don't know what we can do to this kid because this is a feeling and no matter what we do we cant stop people from feeling the way they do, but something other than just moving on should be done to this kid. This was dangerous to society at large. What needs to happen is that we need to figure out what if anything more along the lines of punishment that can be done to this kid, maybe he should be infected with H.I.V purposely to show him how it feels to have this terrible disease, but that wouldn't work, because it just would;t work. And sending him to bed or to his room wouldn't work either but I know something needs to be done and fast to this kid to stop his usage of his platform to spread this disgusting message.  

Wow ur a douche... I bet ur parents are very proud of u.

People are dying due to ignorance like this demonstrated from a person living in a country considered one of the super powers of the world??!!! where are we going??!!

I love how he is a Vine celeb, but chooses to offer a pathetic text apology written by his PR team. Really? That is no apology Instinct. He only 'apologized' cuz he got caught and doesn't want to lose the 100K plus he makes a month in endorsements.

Apology is obviously sincere and remorseful. Kids these days are less likely to let something like this go unchallenged. I'm jealous of this generation. Let's move on. Peace.

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