'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey Comments On Leaked Nude Photos

Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey recently spoke to Us Weekly to discuss his nude photos which leaked onto the internet, last year.

You may recall that both 25-year-old Posey, as well as his Teen Wolf co-star, Cody Christian, had their nude photos leaked on the web, back to back, last January.

When asked what he thought about the leak, he reportedly laughed, and responded:

 “I don’t care. It puts less stress [on you] if you just brush it off.”

But that wasn't the first time the actor ran into trouble online. 

Previously, he was the victim of an identity thief:

“I got a letter in the mail saying I’m a victim of a case of somebody who hacked iCloud. I think I had my identity taken. I think I’ve had it stolen."

Coincidentally, Posey will play an identity thief in his next project, a feature film entitled Decoy.

In the film, the actor will play a character who steals the identity of a criminal, and finds himself being chased by the NSA.




In today's world most people are not scandalised by the nudity of another person, especially if that person is famous and sexually desirable. We are more desensitised to nudity today.

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