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'Teen Wolf' Stud Charlie Carver Joins James Franco Ex-Gay Biopic 'Michael'

More casting news for the James Franco-starrer Michael!

Teen Wolf's Charlie Carver is joining the bio-pic, which centers around gay magazine editor turned ex-gay activist, Michael Glatze. 

Carver joins the previously announced (and photographed) Zachary Quinto and Emma Roberts.

Deadline reports:

Charlie Carver has joined the cast of Michael, a drama from executive producer Gus van Sant. James Franco stars in the title role as a gay activist and magazine founder who is “saved” from his homosexuality after turning to God and eventually becomes a Christian pastor. Carver will play Tyler, who gets involved in a relationship with Michael and Bennett (Zachary Quinto) and is heartbroken when Michael rejects his homosexuality. Emma Roberts also stars. Carver, whose credits include The Leftovers, Teen Wolf and Desperate Housewives, is repped by TalentWorks and Main Title Entertainment.

Carver, Franco, and Quinto? That's quite the threesome.


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It's hot even from my st right 8 eyes has a.coco thanks for ad. An movie pic ..why so scared goodness all n taste good fun all around.peace.simile

Hello Hott all around 

Does Charlie Carver just keep getting HOTTER, or what ?

wow. I'm a lesbian and Charlie, Zach and James (in no particularorder) are straight up HOTNESS.

Omg why is there so much hate for nothing here lmao. 

I'm so, so, so proud of Charlie for this role, and I couldn't be more excited about it than I am right now!

Really? "Queen"? That's the best you could do?  Those guys are all hot as hell and I'm a straight female but if I were a "queen" (in the obvious term you used it in), I'd still love to be part of that threesome!

Those twins look kind of inbred to me.  Something weird about the eyes. 

Their faces look like a teddy bear's face.

Something about them always bugged me, and eventually this was the best I could come up with.


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If you have nothing good to say don't say anything at all. Wtf

My good woman, Mom's said, "If you don't have anything good to say about somebody, sit next to me." Dish, baby. That's not necessarily 'hateration' (so to say). I don't want to hear sanitized stories nor evil about someone. Just the truth, my sweet. (By the way, it was the late, great comedian Mom's Mabley about whom I was referring.)

What are you someone's mother?  Take care of your own problems queen.

What a sad life you must live to openly berate someone, and come back for comments. It's quite a life isn't it?

And it's Shawn for the win!

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