Teen Wolf Stud Tyler Posey: "Dylan And I Make Out All The Time"

The best news for fans of Teen Wolf to come out of last weekend was not that the show had been picked up for season 5, but instead news from star Tyler Posey. Speaking during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, Tyler joked that fan-fic of the show had come to life: "Dylan [O'Brien] and I make out all the time."

MTV News has more:

When asked what motivated him to audition for the show, Posey immediately screamed “money!” But, really, the bromance. Posey gushed over his castmates, revealing that “now we [he and O’Brien] make out all the time.”

O’Brien clarified: “We don’t make out. We just sit next to each other in our underwear.”



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Dylan Sprayberry!! Yey!!

Keith you could not have said it better.  I initially liked the instinct page on FaceBook in hopes of getting some information on a regular basis that was reliable and fresh.  All I have ever seen on here is quickly and poorly written re-hashes of material they stole from other websites.  This was the last straw for me following instinct.  Total waste of time.

WOW! Where to begin. Firstly The lead actor's name is TYLER Posey and he is referring to co-start Dylan O'Brien not Dylan Sprayberry. Hope that clears things up. This is what happens when someone unfamilliar with the people involved try to write about subject matter they are unfamilliar with.

well....I'm not going to say yay! or nay! to whether any of this is actually worthwhile or brain and eye candy but...the writer actually says Dylan [Sprayberry] indicating that there is another Dylan besides Dylan [O'Brien] added to the cast in order to clear up any misconceptions; so it is, in fact, you that seems "unfamiliar with the people involved" that's trying "to write about subject matter they are unfamiliar with."  Just as an FYI.  ;)

Sprayberry wasn't mentioned in the article, only in the photo. The writer says [O'Brian]. So what are you talking about?

Well then, dumb ass, who is Dylan Posey?  

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It was obviously a typo as the headline gets it right. Jesus fucking christ. 

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