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Teenager Creates New Instant HIV Test!

Canadian high school student Nicole Ticea has developed an HIV test, which can instantly detect the presence of the virus in a drop of blood. This test differs from other HIV tests that typically look for the presence of HIV antibodies and removes the "window period" that is required in order for these antibodies to develop in the body. 
Nicole Ticea is a Grade 10 student at the private girl's York House School, Vancouver. As part of a collaboration program with Simon Fraser University she developed a test using Isothermic Nucleic Acid Amplification. This allows users to place a drop of blood on a chip to receive a near instantaneous response to find out if they are infected, a process only slightly more difficult than a pregnancy test.
Ticea used techniques that have been successful in identifying other viral infections and applied them to HIV for the first time. Rather than looking for antibodies to HIV, as the majority of existing tests do, Ticea amplifies the virus itself. This removes the window during which people are infected, but still show up as negative on antibody tests because the immune system has yet to gear up its response. Existing viral amplification tests for HIV are expensive and time consuming.
The test won Ticea first place in the British Columbia 2014 Regional Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge, a contest for high school students to produce biotechnology projects.
Brilliant work!! 

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Sounds like Polymerase Chain Reaction (amplification). The inventor of PCR, Kary Mullis (Nobel Prize winner),  doesn't believe HIV causes AIDS. That should deeply concern most readers but unfortunately it doesn't. All this test will do is needlessly scare even more people even sooner! Congratulation kid, you've found yet another misuse for PCR.

Kary Mullis is not an MD, believes in astrology, supports a pseudoscientist, and also does not believe in climate change. Just because he came up with PCR does not make him an expert in all things science. He's just really good at molecular biology.

OMG, the scientist who announced that HIV is the cause of AIDS to the world in a press conference was not an MD. In fact he didn't even work in immunology, he was a scientist named Robert Gallo who researched retroviruses as the cause of cancer. Retrovirus don't kill cells, that was precisely why scientist though they might cause cancer. His study had not been peer review when he made his announcement and only showed 30% of AIDS patients had HIV antibodies. He never even succussful cultured HIV in these patients. Hardly evidence to announce to the world that the cause of AIDS has been discovered. Later he was sued for professional misconduct and stealing the virus from Luc Montagnier. So all the research that is done studying HIV is based on one crummy study by a corrupt researcher who didn't prove anything (30% is not proof of causation). So if we are going to discount someone based on their character why don't we start with Gallo.

Dear Anonymous, please have the integrity to put your

name to a Comment. otherwise it is just nonsense

People praise Michael Sam for being gay but hated Tim Tebow for being a Christian. Go figure! 

Really the article is about a brilliant young girl and her amazing accomplishments. 

Fantastic! Now, lets test EVERY blood donor at the time of donation, and let everyone who is HIV- give blood, instead of being obsessed with who they love.

brilliant girl.  Now let's put it to use already.

Will this test be on the shelves or for doc use only

Probably not on the shelves, but it might not require a doctor. I'm guessing if it works by copying the virus until it's detectable, it is not really safe for consumer use.

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