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Terry Crews Files A Lawsuit Against Hollywood Exec Who Groped Him

It seems there’s a revolution happening in Hollywood right now as victims of sexual assault are not only speaking out against their perpetrators, but some are even taking legal action.

That’s what former NFL player, comedian, and actor Terry Crews is doing as he has filed charges against a Hollywood Exec who groped him.

“People have to be held accountable,” he told TMZ on Wednesday.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star filed a police report with the LAPD yesterday against an unidentified Hollywood executive he says groped him at a party last year.

Though he is only now taking it to court, Crews had already shared the story back when the public eye was on Harvey Weinstein and his heinous acts.

He started a long twitter thread in October where he explained the situation in detail.

































We will see what happens from this point forward concerning Terry Crews and these charges.