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Texas Man Applies For Job With Resume And Dick Pic

An unemployed man in Dallas can now beef up his job applications in the "criminal history" section after including a dick pic along with his resume. The unique portfolio was sent to Texas Workforce Solutions, a staffing company, in hopes of finding job placement. 

Unfortunately, all the gutsy applicant landed was a misdemeanor on his criminal record. The 25-year old TWS employee who opened his application package called the police, who were able to quickly track down the show-off because he used his personal email address in the submission. 

Despite the display of business acumen, the man in question remains unemployed. 

"I think I know why he can't find a job," Dallas police spokesman Demarquis Black tells the Dallas Observer

Maybe he's just looking in the wrong industry? There are plenty of companies that require a dick pic along with one's resume!


would love to see that dick!

I live in Texas. It is sad the things that earn you misdemeanors - even Class C misdemeanors here. It's a strange place. I'm a Yankee and up north we take our civil infractions seriously - either you get "fix-it" type tickets which do not go on your record at all - or you get a serious one - a felony. We don't have so many of these lower class misdemeanors nor did I hear of people obtaining them when I lived up north. Only in Texas do I see and hear so many people getting these - it's a means of making money for the counties. Keep in mind that in the South property and personal taxes are almost nil so they make it up "sin" taxes. Class C Misdeamnors rank among these. It's a different way of thinking and one that's quite stupid.

My God! That is sooo extreme to charge him with a criminal record that will follow him forever! It honestly, sincerely, could have been a mistake. 

This article is useless without the picture....

Does that mean I can call the police every time I get a porn site sent to my email?    Maybe the man sent the wrong picture by mistake.   I could happen.    

The man was charged with obscene display or distribution, a misdemeanor under Texas law.

broke the Law? how? I dont get it.

What is the law that he broke? When I worked for a children's charity, I received tons of crap in our business reply envelopes. Condoms, porn, pictures of aborted babies, used toilet paper, etc.

Was there an explanation as to why he sent the dick pic with his application? What type of a job was he applying for?

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I'm assuming it wasn't a fluffer position he was trying to land.

But did it answer the question "Is everything realy bigger in Texas?"

Was it a nice dick or an ugly dick?  Enquiring minds want to know!

Must have been ugly if she called the police.

misdemeanor for what? I mean, so it was lude, but why not just trash the app. The applicant was dumb but so was the employee

and so are texas laws

i love gay dick

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