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Texas Republican Congressman Accidentally Stops By LGBT Reception

Look, we get it, we're super fun. But it's not fair to come to our parties and then act like you didn't intend to be there!

Texas Republican House Rep. Ralph Hall stopped by an LGBT Pride reception hosted by the Victory Fund last week. The only problem is that he apparently didn't know that's what he was attending.

Chron reports

Of course, that was before the he realized he was at the wrong event. As it turns out, Hall and his staffers were under the impression that they were attending an event for a fellow congressman, an event scheduled for that same day. After being welcomed into the event and offered refreshments, Hall inquired about the congressman whom he was there to support. After being told that he was indeed in the wrong place, the longtime conservative quickly left the premises — that is, as quickly as a 90-year-old can physically leave a premises.

“At that moment I realized that this was not the reception I intended to attend, and I put down my glass, thanked the sponsor, and told him we would be leaving,” Hall said.


“Many of those in attendance probably were surprised to see me walk in, but were not surprised to see me leave quickly,” Hall said.

Following a Heard on the Hill article about the event mix-up entitled “Ralph Hall Lets His Hair Down,” Hall said, “I would just say that while I do have a good head of hair for a 90-year-old, I do not have the quantity of hair, nor the inclination, to let it down.”


Oh come on, Ralph, you're 90. If you want to party with the gays, just do it. No need for these tired excuses!


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