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There Is A New Beyonce Meme. And It Is Everything.

It was an early Christmas for the Internet today, thanks to Beyonce. A candid shot (the kind B tried to ban at her live performances following the "unflattering" Super Bowl images earlier this year) taken at a recent show (probably L.A. on December 3) has given Photoshop queens on Reddit, Imgur and elsewhere all they need to create a viral Beyonce meme. 


Any favorite pic?



Kevin Dobbins in Birmingham is this fellow:

He's also this:

He's clearly a racist by his own comment above and I'd think twice about supporting his business.

I am NOT this person that you attached this link with. You might find yourself in a bit of legal trouble by this slander of his business.

Have fun, make fun. Laugh, whatever. Yes, she looks a mess in this pic.  HOWEVER, nearly every gay blog magazine's comment thread I read has some ridiculously bigoted, racist insulting language in it and for a group who cries so much about intolerance and discrimination you know I have to say if you think that way, then I hope somebody punches you dead in the face for being stupid. Yes you, "jungle bunny" commentator, no matter what color you are. Ass.

Are you LGBT?  I don't know why you would assume that anonymous people posting on the internet are gay, regardless of what site it is.  The comment section is always a bunch of horrible people, that's just the internet.  Just sayin.

But seriously why are you reading the comment sections of gay magazines?  Is this a thing?

She looks like an old, tired jungle bunny. Typical!

lighten up, people. Its just a Beyonce. Everybody takes bad pictures, the day when you think youre above being made fun of because of them is the day you should shoot yourself. Peopel need to get over their celebrity worship. You dont know these people...they are not your friends...quit acting like someone insulted your mom. Its all fair game. And its fucking funny....

sorry for the typos

People act like they never take ugly pictures. Im sure she looks better then most even on her worst angle. obviously its people that make nasty comments about pictures like this who have celebs not wanting to have pictures like these up... get your priorities straight.

She can sing, but like her one point they were true people. Now they are more worried about being put in good light than having unflattering images. Trashy-once needs to get over it. Plus the pictures are hilarious...

As much as I love Beyoncé and her amazing voice, the image of her and "horse face" Sarah Jessica Parker is hilarious!

That woman's voice is horrible.  Glad there are people who can find humor in her antics.  

Oh you poor jealous little thing. Go into the corner now and be quiet now.

I can understand someone saying "I'm just not a fan of Beyonce" but saying she has a horrible voice is just not true, it's not constructive, and just plain ol' hatin'.  

It's a funny photo but hasn't been memed right until it's put next to Tina Turner doing Proud Mary.

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