Is There Too Much Marriage Equality In Comics?

There have been major strides with marriage equality in mainstream comics in recent years. Kevin Keller married his male partner in cherished American series Archie, and Northstar married his boyfriend Kyle in Astonishing X-Men, to name a few recent same-sex marriage story arcs. 

But would less marriage equality in comics actually better benefit the queer community? 

Phil Jimenez, a comic book artist and writer perhaps best known for his work on Wonder Woman, says yes. Seated with distinguished LGBT guests at the “New York TimesOUT and GeeksOUT Presents LGBT in Comics” panel Thursday night at the 2014 New York Comic Con, Jimenez stirred the pot and unpacked his position. 

“One thing I’m really interested in seeing in comics — and please forgive me if you are married — is less marriage equality in comics,” Jimenez (center) told the NYCC audience. “It’s good, it’s acceptable, it’s heteronormative, you know, ‘We’re just like you!’ But for me, pushing the envelope would be to defy this more, and to continue to put out characters that are not just like them and are still pretty awesome anyway.”

For an industry so sorely lacking in mainstream LGBT representation, a few instances of marriage equality as a launching point for queer rights visibility in comics is a wonderful thing. But, for those who feel marriage is a heteronormative institution that dampens LGBT culture, it’s easy to see where Phil’s coming from. 

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Was there ever too much emphasis on straight marriage?

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