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There's An Update On That Messy, Drag Race Diva Drama!

Has The Drag Race Drama Ended?

By now, you’ve definitely heard of Aurora Sexton’s comments on dealing with some of the most recent cast offs from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Last week, Instinct Magazine was the first to report Sexton’s less than pleasant experience with some of the Queens that went viral. Check every LGBTQ blog and you are sure to find Sexton’s Facebook post. Drag Race Season 9 standout, Valentina, seemingly got the short end of the stick and took harsh criticism from fans and haters alike. The Bianca Del Rio ranted to a crowd of fans about the post. It seemed never ending. However, the dust is appearing to settle.

According to Sexton’s Facebook post from today, we may be able to put the past behind us. Check out her elegant statement below.

Either learning from her mistakes or getting back in the good grades of the public, Valentina has at least made an apology. She is completely in the right to speak with Sexton directly. The public is in outrage that Valentina hasn’t made a statement, but to be honest, she doesn’t need too. I trust Sexton and believe that Valentina will rise from her mistakes. I’m a firm believer in second chances. I believe we all should be. Everyone has made a stupid move or said something foul out of immaturity.

Are you ready to move on from the Drag Race drama?

Sexton’s original Facebook post from today below: