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Thomas Roberts Interviews Fired Gay Russian News Anchor Anton Krasovsky

MSNBC news anchor Thomas Roberts has faced quite a bit of backlash over his decision to host the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, Russia, but Roberts has countered that backlash with promises that he'll be using his trip  to educate, inform, and provide visibility for Russia's LGBT community.

He took his first steps towards that goal by interviewing fired gay Russian news anchor Anton Krasovsky on his first day in the country. 

Take a look!


(H/T: Queerty)



And really, what has that accomplished? So based on your self-serving-ness, you take a trip to make a point. Could it possibly spell out more that your fame, or lack thereof, drives you more than actually standing up for a cause that could mean something to you. I guess the media egos really never do waver, regardless of belief, position, but always the rush to be the first. It's all about you isn't it? Sorry for you.

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