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Threatening Letters Sent To Gay Bars In San Diego

The owners of Baja Betty's and Flicks aren't letting the 15-page manifestos containing religious threats and extreme anti-gay language they were each mailed last week get them down.

Sent from a fake L.A. address, the letters promise that "god will punish you, Mr owner and staff, with bad luck, bad karma, injuries, accidents, car accidents, and worse, death.”

"In my opinion, it's a definite reflection of the current progress toward equality. It's not going to distract us from our momentum. In fact, it's going to make us celebrate even more," says Baja Betty's marketing manager Eddie Reynoso. 

Police, however, are taking the threatening letters very seriously. Check out the local ABC affiliate's new report on the scare:


Obviously written by a sick his writing, he has some real mental issues.

I hope they find him, and put him behind bars.

Or her

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