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Threats on Grindr to Kill '85 F*ggots' Lead to Arrest

A simple conversation on Grindr between Montrese Hollar and Me’Shach Israel-Miller quickly took a turn for the worse when Miller threatened to kill 85 “faggots” at a gay club in Columbus, Ohio.

Hollar, who performs in drag as Dashe’ Desmond Rose in and around Columbus, was quick to screenshot the threats made by Miller and notify the police, according to NBC 4.

Hollar shared with NBC:

His response back was completely off the wall. When he mentioned 85 in my community. I’ve been an activist in my community since I was a teenager, and I just couldn’t let that go by.

The threat was not taken lightly and alerts went out to all the gay clubs in the greater Columbus area to be extra vigilant.

A manager at Union Cafe, David Emerson, a popular Columbus gay club, shared:

Word spreads fast in this community. It was probably one of the scariest weekends ever knowing there was someone out there who dislike us so much that they wanted to kill us. That’s awful.

Authorities were able to track down Miller using the dating app and he was is being held on charges of inducing panic and aggravated menacing.

Hollar is being seen as a hero who made the right choice to take action to the threat, to which Hollar has expressed:

I’m not a victim in this situation, I am not a hero, I’m just a member of the community who doesn’t stand for bullying or the threat of violence and I spoke up about it.