Three British Footballers Preparing To Come Out As Gay

Three British football players are on the verge of coming out as gay.

From Mirror:

SNP MP John Nicholson, a member of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, said: “I understand there are three players in talks with the FA about coming out, and they haven't done so yet.”

Speaking before the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee Sports, Sports Minister Tracey Crouch shared her support for the players coming out, saying:

 “In terms of the environment of someone coming out, today, now, has probably never been a better time to come out.

“Society has changed really quite significantly from a generational perspective in terms of attitude towards homosexuality.

“I think if someone were to decide to come out that they should feel they are being supported by the authorities and that any abuse would be tackled in the same way as it would be if it was directed towards one of their black players.”

The Tory Minister went on: “I would say to anyone in any sport that if they felt the time was right to come out - and that is a personal decision for them - that they should feel they have the support of the governing bodies they are within.”

We'd love to see these footballers break the taboo! Good luck, guys!


(H/T: Mirror/ Towleroad)



I will believe this when it happens.  I don't know how many times we've seen these headlines over the past decade (maybe two), but they all come to naught.  It's like the "Boy Who Cried Wolf."

Look, I hope it happens and I really hope this leads to more professional athletes to being honest with their public, but this same story has happened too many times in the past to get any hopes up.

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