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Three Gay Men Separately Attacked In Columbus, Ohio

It appears the recent anti-gay violence is spreading beyond New York City. Three anti-gay attacks have been reported in Columbus, Ohio. 

Outlook Columbus has the full report

Sgt. Richard Weiner, a spokesman for Columbus Police, said Southbend patrons reported the incident there late last week. Christopher Ashcraft (pictured) told officers he was approached by several men who asked for a jump-start.

Ashcraft, who was visiting Columbus from Crescent Springs, Ky., told a Cincinnati TV station that he got a friend’s keys and went to help the men but was attacked.

“Once I was on the ground, they just kicked me in the face a couple times until I was unconscious. It was my guess an hour to an hour-and-a-half later before I woke up and, from what I’m told, crawled back to the bar where I was found laying behind the bar.”


Chris Kratavil, the Union employee who was attacked on his way home from work, was still being treated at the hospital late Monday afternoon but was expected to be released soon, said Robert Younkman, a friend who manages Axis Nightclub.

He was punched from behind and then beaten and kicked, Younkman said.

“He has a black belt,” Younkman said. “If it had been a fair fight, it would have been a little more interesting. They would have picked the wrong little gay boy to pick on.”

Kratavil has spoken both to Columbus Police and BRAVO, Younkman said. He didn’t tell his friend whether his attackers said anything anti-gay, but Younkman said they didn’t rob him.

Friends posted photos of Kratavil, bloodied and bruised, on Facebook, and dozens have left messages of love and support.

David Conley, the victim of the third attack, said he called 911 as a group of men approached him from behind, and he was on the phone with the dispatcher as they hit him with a 2-by-4. Police arrived quickly and arrested three men. Conley said the men made vulgar comments as they approached that indicated an anti-gay bias.


What do you think, Instincters? With Pride month in full swing should we expect these kinds of attacks to continue? Be careful out there, guys!


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