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The Time Joey Fatone Walked In & Caught Lance Bass With Another Guy

Sounds like socks weren't used on door knobs back in NSYNC's touring days. Lance Bass has revealed to Access Hollywood that he inadvertently came out to band mate Joey Fatone before famously breaking down the closet door on the cover of People.

“Joey walked in on me with the guy I was dating just kind of sitting on my lap," Lance said. "Straight guys don’t do that."

“I’m like, ‘Surprise!’ Joey was just like, ‘Dude, I don’t care. I have so many gay friends—I don’t care," he added. “It was a few months after that before I told the [rest of] the guys… I don’ t think anyone was surprised."
As far as his experience coming out to his family goes, the Man of Many Hats called it "incredible." “I came out to my family around 21, 22. It was hard, but once I ripped the Band-Aid off, it was incredible. Everyone was so supportive—my family loves me just [the way] I am.”
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I must say it's always interesting to hear out of the closet stories , I never needed one my GAY BUTT was always out even my brother asked my mom when we were little  I thought you said I was getting a brother not a sister lol , must say it is a challenge to be pointed OUT but hell of lucky to know who I am anyone struggling with themselves coming out just remember THERE IS A RAINBOW ON THE OTHER SIDE AND I WELCOME YOU GOD BLESS GOOD LUCK 

It was a great strategy  that he came out announcing he is gay  after the group was  over,It could have turn  weird for the fans.Unlike in the other hand Charice Pampengco came out as a lesbian too soon,Now her career is not so good that it was expected during oprah time. Saw Lance with group of my gay friends,In fact he was eyeballing one of my friend...This was at Grand Casino 1994.We knew he is gay then,so it wasn't a surprise,Just can tell through hi mannerism.

Lance Bass came out in a way that worked for him and was honest. He was young when he first sang professionally, and it think it's unreasonable for us  to have expected him to know how to manage what would have happened if he came out in nsync's glory days. Besides, he's cute and lovable and while I don't envision a day when he's a household name again, it's not impossible and he"s certainly not a wash out.

I'm kinda don't like the fact that these celebrities come out only to make headlines after being washed up. Why not do it at the hype of your career? Lance could have came out when he was with Nsync, and Ricky Martin could have came out awhile ago as well, but instead they decided to so it after their careers were pretty much done with. I'm not saying I hate them for it, or am not happy, but it would have been better the other way around. 

Aaaaw, bless the bitter queens.

You guys sound like a bunch of useless has been bitchy ignorant asshole bitter little queens. Too bad you will never have the fame or fortune these two do. Jackasses!

The real surprise is that he is implying that he is/was a top!?!?

great story when I first heard in years ago, way to have an original story.

Wow this is news, and today is Mar 6 1985.

Come on Lance, release the sex tape you made with JT, then we'll give a damn about you again...  lol

Nobody gives a crap about this old guy anymore 


The real surprise was that the rest of the band wasn't.

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The real surprise was that the rest of the band wasn't.

Ha ha ha ha ha

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