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TNT's 'Animal Kingdom' Left An Interesting Taste In Our Mouth With Its Most Recent Gay Romp Scene. No Bed Needed.

Who was that hunk man in the Old Navy ad?  And how can we get him away from his wife?  Well, dreams answered, prayers to the 7 eyed god in the moon, one of us got to him.  We will have to thank one of the writers of Animal Kingdom on TNT for putting together a hot A to the M man-ohhh-man sex scene.

But first.  Let's remind ourselves as to how cute, shy, and cleft chinned Andy Favreau is.  Take it away Old Navy.



Makes you want Christmas to come around again.  Well Christmas came early on TNT / Animal Kingdom, but did Deran Cody (Jake Weary)?

In the steamy and lengthy gay scene, Deran Cody (Jake Weary) pounds out Mark Liston (Andy Favreau) during standing doggie. Liston isn't about to let Cody ...

The writers over at Mr. Man need to fill in this gap with their colorful words and fancy moving pictures.  We'll show a nice bum on here and a bulge once in a while, but we let the sex scenes stay over at someone else's home. Head over there and see what made Andy's character say:

"You're like a college kid. All pent up. Hungry."

To which Cody replies, "What the hell's that supposed to mean?"

Liston finishes off this fun chit chat with "It's called a compliment. Means you're good in bed."








Such a blocked scene, needed someone to tell me what was happening.  Come on, are we this conservative with the straight sex scenes?

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