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Todrick Hall Made A Get Out Gay Parody

Todrick Hall is at it again with another parody video.

If you don’t know, Todrick Hall is a youtuber who’s known for making song covers and parodies. He has published videos like a Gay Mean Girls, Cinderfella, and the Wizard of Ahhs featuring Superfruit and the other members of Pentatonix.

And what’s the new video that Todrick Hall released? Get Out 2. Only this time, it’s a whole lot gayer.

Warning though, if you haven’t watched the original Get Out movie, you shouldn’t watch the video below.

While Hall twisted the plot to have a whole bunch of gay gags, the overall story follows just like the original film. So, if you somehow haven’t had the story spoiled for you in the months since the film debuted, don’t let this video ruin that.

Otherwise, you can enjoy the clip below.