Tom Daley Challenges Olympic Teammate To Twerk Off

Tom Daley helped celebrate this Christmas by making his cakes jiggle.

(And we're not just talking about the kind you'd munch on with a cup of tea, either.)

Daley enlisted his fellow Team GB diver Matty Lee for a video in which the pair agree to battle it out for a "twerk off."


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But actually, there's a series of tasks to accomplish before the tush jiggling begins.

Going head to head in a series of "Christmas Olympics" challenges, the lads first attempt to move candy canes from one bowl to another, using only a chopstick dangling from their mouths.

Next, there's a bit where the lads have to slide a piece of mint chocolate from their foreheads to their mouths, without using their hands. 

And finally, we have the twerk off, in which they boys compete to see who can shake out the most "jingle bells" out of a tissue box.