Tom Daley (& His Bulge) 'Goes Global' During Moroccan Full Body Massage

See now they're just messing with us. (Not that we're complaining!)

UK travel series Tom Daley Goes Global took us up close and personal with Tom Daley's bulge during a full-body massage in Morocco and the GIF-worthy footage is the perfect thing to usher us into Monday! 

Click on the GIFs below!!

It's great to get such a close look at what Tom Morocco has to offer!


(H/T: NNNext/Famous Meat)


Doing body massage is good for our health, as it relieve body pain and stress. But now a days without going massage parlor we can do it at home by the massager equipment that is available in the market at best prices.

As far as his feet go the ideal size per one of the US arm forces is a size 9-9 1/2.

Gross hairy legs and feet of a cave man.

What hard on? LOL

So he's having a hard on, so what. When we see him in his bathers on the board his bulge isn't prominent.

He's a little average looking guy, never understood the big attraction!

I don't get it. He's a swimmer, half-naked and wet most of the time; what's the big deal about this? 

I find it gross that young guys think that all other young guys think like they do.

Sorry but being 25 doesn't mean I want to baby sit.

It is better to be pampered from the age of 15.  You will remain young looking and it does pay off. I know, because I started young takeing care of myself and being healthy. Wheather he has a buldge or not, I don't care because I am very comfortable with myself and God. I have always been baby sitted, that way I am always laughing. It takes less energy to be happy than to be upset.  I am 53 years of age and look 35.   

Amen, brother.

There is no bulge worth showing. Why do we jave to see these small packaged guys.

I find it a little creepy and off putting that some many gay men well over the age of 21 or 25 are so sexually excited by him. He's still very young and not even old enough to be a college grad. Its gross and gay media outlets need to stop using him

He's English. The age of consent is 16 in England. He is 20 tomorrow. Old enough. And traditionally, that kind of age has always been beautified. It is constantly in the straight world. Remember, he is not from your culture, don't treat him like he is.

You have no idea his boyfriend is over 40, do you?
He's clearly into older men himself.

I think claiming he's into older men when this is his first serious relationship is stretching things a bit, especially when the older party, while more accomplished than most of us, is not exactly known for his emotional maturity. Also, the relationship will probably not last forever, and if it does, it's not exactly May/December, more May/mid-August. 

Almost 40, not over 40.

Must be aroused cause I see a little stain of precum

i'm certain he's at least average size, if not slightly larger. (some of the gifs reveal the 'bulge' more than others. there are better pics and video of him elsewhere though.) yes justin, i've been a fan of his big sexy feet for awhile now. those fleshy 'fins' reveal he's a natural born swimmer. (yes, i know he's  a diver!)

that close up of his oiled thighs was good enough for me.

Tiny paynus

Cute bump..

Negative bitches. He's a sweetie. And his dick is a nice size. Google it. Let's be nice children.

"What bulge" and "small"?  Way to keep it classy guys....

Like this article and website are at the highest level of classy.  If this was an "average" Joe there would be no article about this "bulge".

PS I'm not making fun, I'm still looking at it aren't I?

What bulge?

If he was ugly we wouldn't care as much.  That would be considered small.

I would work on those hot feet!!!!

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