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Tom Daley: "I Am A Gay Man Now"

British Olympic diver Tom Daley has shed the bisexual label and come out fully as a gay man. Tom made the admission in an appearance on U.K. show Celebrity Juice

"I am a gay man now," Tom told host Keith Lemon.

Back in December, Tom released an intimate YouTube video to tell the world that he likes men ... but "I still fancy girls." Tom went on to tell Keith why he said that at that time:

"I came out on YouTube as I wanted to say what I wanted to say without anyone twisting it. I told my family before I told the world. I was terrified. I did not know what the reaction was going to be. I did it on YouTube because people were constantly digging and asking questions."

Though the full clip of Tom's coming out is not yet online, a messy preview of tonight's episode whets our appetite:




Bullshit. He was ALWAYS totally gay. Who did he think he was kidding???

The comments on this board are disgusting.

On the one hand we hope for and expect every single heterosexual in the world to be ok with someone coming out of the closet and yet look at the way we treat our own when one of them does.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Bunch of sad hypocrites.

Umm, nice that your caught up Tom. My dog knew you were gay. Dead people know that your gay. Your as gay now as you have always been, dear. The benefit for you; sponser up and cash in. I'm sure it was good advice from your PR. Handle that and let's keep it moving. Welcome to the club. You will receive your handbook in 7 to 10 days. If you are not completely satisfied you can return your gay card and return to your alternate lifestyle since your newly found epiphany. Good to always have a back up for when the going gets tough and for when being gay is out of style.

why do you think it is so inportant to have this article  . everyone knows and has known this for ever . please give someone who is more news worthy a chance .

There is no such word as inportant. You show your ignorance. Besides, doesn't your computer have spell check?

Look at his deformed toes!! I just vomit!

Tell us how you really feel.

He is so gross!! Looked better smooth.

And who gives a phuck about this guy?? What losers you are for following such nobodys!

Interesting that you, who nobody knows, would call a world class athlete, known all over the world, a "nobody." You are joking, right?

It simply took living w a lover for him to know fully, and have the stability and support to be clear within himself and come out to everyone.

Tom should stop shaving his chest! He's not shaving his legs! Love those sensual legs and feet!

(That stupid TV program w the cheese! Brits and Europeans can be so decadent and petty in such bizarre ways still! These people need to grow up!)

I say keep shaving, Hairy chest, back, or shoulders = nasty! I have all 3 and shave as often as I can! GROSS!

i can almost understand that hairy shoulders and back may be seen by some as "nasty", but seeing nice sexy male chest hair as "nasty" is rather extreme. in any case, a shaved chest combined w hairy legs looks out of balance. go ahead and shave the legs too, if u are going to be excessive about it.

I get both Tom Daley's and DLB's tweets. DLB spends most of his time in the US, Tom in England. DLB seems to be in England for two or three week stints then jets back. I'd hardly call that living with a lover. Besides, Tom is only 19, how long will they be lovers? I think Tom's words are being over-analyzed.

yes, relevant info from those tweets, thnx. 'taking' a lover, would be a more appropriate way of saying it then. too, i had meant to mention his age. he is handling it all very well considering that and all other factors. the pressure to 'come out', define oneself, or establish intimate relationship, is generally challenging at that age, w rare exceptions.

yes, quite, quite challenging at 19.

What a crock of shit, he knew....

Good for him. You still struggling Tony? Xx

yes, that's true as well. i think it was both for me, knowing and yet not fully knowing. in my teens i did know i was predominantly homoerotically oriented, yet kept having romantic fantasies about girls too. at 19 i 'fell in love' w a girl, but it certainly didn't make my greater homoerotic desires go away of course. since then, i was mostly w a male partner for many yrs, and briefly w a few other guys. also had one full-out lover relationship w a woman for awhile. despite occasional flirtations w women, for many yrs now i've known that my homoerotic orientation is more apparent and predominant.

He's still hot...

Well, he's still hot

I personally came out bi as first. Why? Because back in the 80's it was not considered as bad. I guess to please parents etc. This guy has a career in sports and most likely felt he would lose everything

I think we shouldn't be so quick to judge.  When I was 20, I was terrified to come out.  I broke up with my girlfriend because I had started seeing a guy on the side.  (not good, I know)  I attempted to soften the blow by going "half-way" and saying I was Bi.  It was a partial coming out, because I am gay.  I thought it was a good compromise at the time.  (and this was 1990, so it was harder back then)  We are all scared or messed up by having to "come out" - maybe some day it won't be a big deal, but it could be that Tom was just making the same transition.  Oh, look at that!  I got all the way through without telling you how I drooled at the picture of him in his little grey Speedo.  Whoops....  ;)

I think this will piss off a lot of bi guys. Not cool

How do you just say I am GAY NOW ? As a gay man i have always known that i am gay. It did not come to me in a flash or thought about it for all of 5 seconds. Thought better of Tom Daley. He could have been the one that helped young gay people to feel ok with them selves and be an inspiration. Maybe tomorrow he will change his mind again 

Most gay people go through a phase where they are not sure what to think so at first think they are bisexual. I know I did. You are lucky if you did not go through that phase. Dont hate on him, our community already gets enough hate as it is yet we still hate on each other? Be proud he came out man

this looks like a porn show..

What a dick. Increasing the stigma upon bisexuality, the idea that it's not a real thing. How annoying and damaging - just because he was too scared to come out fully. 

I think he's speaking for himself and not for all bisexuals as he goes through a part of life that we all know can be difficult. Who is being the dick here, Kelly?


Ummm, some of us are lucky enough to have friends and family that are completely supportive, but not everyone is. I immigrated to Canada 6 years ago where I was surrounded with people like me as well as by people who were accepting and understanding. While some of us are fortunate enough to live in first world countries, other people from backward thinking families religions that don't agree and  other-world countries have way more on their plate. People get killed in countries where it's illegal to be gay. In a ideal world, like you said, you'd come out and no one would care, because being gay is just as normal as being straight. Sadly it isn't. So " JUST COME THE FUCK OUT" doesn't work for everyone. 

Agreed, as a gay transman, I lost my entire family and had to move.

People do care and like AThakur said "COME THE FUCK OUT" just doesn't work for all.

"I am a gay man now." That wording is unfortunate as it could easily be misunderstood to mean that he wasn't gay before but now is. People may fight their own sexuality, or spend time trying to understand it, or have problems explaining it, but they don't choose it. People are born bi, or straight, or gay, etc.

He probably meant it as in before he just admitted to dating a guy and didn't say his sexuality, but now he can say it for sure.

Olympic Divers, Ice Skaters...I'm waiting for a 2 man luge team to come out!

Let's not beat him up about it.  He's 19. I don't think we should hold against him his choice of words.  Again, he's 19.

If you watch the YouTube video, he never claims to be bi, and fancying girls can mean a whole host of things. I think he handles his public persona very well, but deep down he's private. So he's revealed what he's ready to reveal on his terms, and that's great. He's faced more personal loss than many, and he seems to be a sweet guy. I wish him all the best, and DLB better not  return to his troll like behavior.

It's ok so say one thing and then see that there is more to it and then once you see it

then you say that my feeling's may have changed but that doesn't mean that I have

I'm still the same person but I just show my love in a different way then you would.

So when Tom made that you tube statement but being in love with a guy but still liked

girls' but now having some feeling's about that change and say that yes I am now openly

a gay man and that I have a guy that I love I'm still Tom but I have a new part of my self that I'm trying to understand all these new feeling's and why I have them , like Tom said on I feel safe happier then I ever have been and couldn't be any happier then I am right now and that I want people to still me as Tom but see a new side to me that was there I just didn't know it was there until now.  

Tom has been for a long time a inspiration and a role model to me. I like Tom was often serverely bullied at school, and also have lost some close people to me who have been like father figures to me (my real dad was abusive to me, and me and my adoptive dad haven't bonded to well due to the issues with my real dad). I was adopted into a christian home, so when I started having feelings for those of the same sex just under two years ago, I really struggled with it. I clocked onto Tom's sexuality some time before he came out (I had a strong feeling he was), and when he did come out I felt I could also make the leap of faith to do so. My adoptive parents are very much supportive and are trying to helping me receive counseling from church to see how it doesn't mean that I can't be a Christian due to my sexuality of being Bisexual. I have also come out to many of my close church friends who are supportive and helping me to move forward. I owe a lot to Tom not just for giving me the courage to step out in this case, but he has also helped me to follow my dreams in the way he has, and not to let setbacks prevent you from taking hold of them. I have always been a confident person which has helped me be who I am, and Tom has inspired me to make the leaps of faith I need to make. He will always be an inspiration to me and I wish him all the best.

i am glad your adoptive family is supportive of you and I am sad for your situation with your real dad and step dad. I hope everything works out for you. And remember, a good support system is everything and if you have that, sometimes friends can be just as close as family. I hope it all works out for you!!

Oh, okay. That's very nice. Uh, carry on then.

Have you heard about our Tom? He's a gay man now.

YES, YES, YES! So glad I wasn't the only one who thought!!! Lol 

Congrats on finding your true self
welcome to the famy

In all humanity and for what it should represent in Ameican society, every one should care Mr. Ryan! Tom Daley you represent all the best that should be in our society

This young man is inspiring a whole generation of closeted boys to come out to their folks and friends, and to ultimately be proud of who they are. I wish someone like him had been around when I found out I was gay and had no one to turn to or to to look up to. My teenage years would have been less miserable. Thank you, Tom! You're certainly gorgeous, but you're also a brave and generous young guy.

Very proud of you Tom I hope more sports personalities are as brave and honest as help wipe out homophobia!!

Actually, it is important because he originally came out as not being straight without giving himself an actual label. He now feels comfortable enough with his sexuality to take on the label and wear it with pride and do you know what? Good on him.

I think that its great that he finally feels confident sharing it, considering that hes an Olympian and constantly in the public eye.


Thank u mike ryan.....I never once for a second thought he was bi and it kind of bothered me that he gave the run around. If ur gonna come out...dont pussyfoot around it. Admit it wholey and own who u really are.

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