Tom Goss Celebrates Enduring Love In His New Music Video 'More Than Temporary'

Out gay singer Tom Goss recently released a beautiful new music video that celebrates enduring love and long-term relationships. 

Tom writes:

That’s what I set out to capture in my new music video, “More Than Temporary.” Working with director Christopher Turner, an admirer of older men sharing a second decade of love with his husband. Armistead Maupin, I sought to tell the story of a young man who sees a future in his fling — and is encouraged by the older same-sex couples he suddenly notices all around him. 

The jokes about being “gay invisible” after age 40 (30, even!) are grounded in reality. Despite the growing popularity of bears and daddies, too few of us take time to look at, and learn from, the LGBT seniors who have succeeded in building relationships that have lasted not just for years, but for decades.

In “More Than Temporary,” we wanted to showcase real-life examples of the LGBT people whose love stories are inspiration for us all.

It features four real-life senior couples (Loretta and Pat, Masa and Jim, Stevie and Mel, plus director Christopher and husband Armistead) and endeavors to show that the real beauty in their relationships comes from the simplest of places. We see it in unguarded moments of tenderness, in a deep and daily companionship that lasts far beyond the honeymoon phase of the relationship.

The music video is just the first phase in a larger project pursuing what we can learn about life and love from our community’s seniors. The second phase, currently in pre-production, is a documentary in which LGBT youth interview seniors about their life stories and reflect on what their experiences mean for their own lives. 

We have a lot to learn from our LGBT seniors. They are have shaped our history, our politics, and our culture. They are a rich source of inspiration and advice — and some amazing stories — that we should take time to listen to while we still can. 


H/T: Advocate