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Tommy Dorfman Of '13 Reasons Why' Explains Why He's Open About His Sexuality.

I haven't started watching 13 Reasons Why, but my FB page is full of friends that are loving what the Netflix series has to offer.  Now, with one of its young stars being very open and out to the world, it is sure to be in the headlines even more.

Speaking to Teen Vogue about why he decided to take on the role of Ryan in 13 Reasons Why, Tommy Dorfman explained that he was excited to play a gay character who wasn’t undergoing the usual narrative that LGB characters do in TV shows. -

Just for that statement alone, I think I need to watch this show.  I hate watching the shows where the LGBTer is the comic relief or is living through the typical story line we've seen over and over again.  And this is not a story of Tommy coming out, but just being more "yeah, hey, I've been gay and I act" kind of statement.

Continuing, Dorfman also discussed the ongoing conversation that surrounds actors playing roles that align with their identities outside of the show, and explained that he actually found playing Ryan a super exciting opportunity.-



Have you binged the first season, well, the only season (so far) of 13 Reasons Why?

Would you recommend it to others?

How did they do with the gay story line(s)?




I binged this show and it was worth it. The way the story unfolds is like a murder mystery and keeps you glued to your TV (or any other watching device). My only complaint is that like all teenage dramas catering to an adult audience, the teenage characters are not teenagers. Rather, they're adults in teenagers' bodies. 

As for the gay storylines (yes, there are more than one), they are a definitely normalized. Also, look out for Robert Ganz as a gay dad and Wilson Cruz as a shark lawyer. 

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