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The Top 10 LGBTQ Millennial Terms!

Top Ten LGBTQ Millennial Terms

Those damn LGBTQ millennials! You know, the ones allegedly who always ruin everything. They are the constantly posting on social media and chances are, the following terms are written all over their status updates. But, what do some of these words mean? I’m here to tell you about them.

Growing up gay, I’ve walked into a plethora of terms that have different meanings from heteronormative culture. Words such as: Slay, Shade, Tea, Queen, Mary, Nancy, Kiki; have a completely separate definition than in Webster’s Dictionary than it does in the LGBTQ Community. But, hey, what good is a community if we don’t have slang terms that can unite us?!

Alas, we are generations away from the Hanky Code and showtune references. Now, there are words that have grown within our community that are used in everyday sentences. Often referenced on RuPaul’s Drag Race, I even hear my much younger family members saying LGBTQ terms. Where the hell would they know this?

Below I’ve compiled a list of the top LGBTQ Millennial slang phrases that I’ve seen over the last week on my social media accounts. Are these words created by millennials? Who knows! But, they are spreading like wildfire, so it’s time to break them down!


A term of endearment to anyone that you find close to you. This is hardly used in a condescending manner.

“Death Drop”

What happens when a drag queen drops to the stage during the perfectly timed beat. Whether it is in the grand finale or to spice up the song halfway through, the death drop is something that won’t be missed. Essentially, it’s the new word for doing the splits.

“Get It!”

A phrase typically screamed when someone is performing perfectly at something. Frequently heard at drag performances when the death drop hits.


What gay men call another gay friend. Rarely used when talking about a female. An alternative use for "Girl" is "Sis".

“Jewel, CVS, Ralphs, Walgreens” (Any Grocery/Convenience Store)

We use grocery stores as an undercover term for a bathhouse. Example: “I’m going to Jewel to pick up some beef. I’ll be back in a few hours!”

“Nine-Dollar Bill”

The gayest of gay! Do you recall the saying, “queerer than a three dollar bill?” Well, this Nine is that gay, times three!


A color-coded term for HIV.


A flamboyant, feminine voice. When used in a sentence, “When he talks, a purse falls out of his mouth.”


A lesbian who tends to dress more masculine. If you’re a gay man, you are definitely checking her out.


Extreme celebratory excitement! Referenced so much in Pop Culture, heterosexual people are beginning to forget where the term stemmed from.

There’s plenty more! Which ones did I miss!? In the meantime while I read your comments, I’m going to be hunting for the origins of these terms!



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