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Tori Spelling's BFF 'Guncles', Bill Horn & Scott Masterson Get Married!

Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, a.k.a. Tori Spelling's gay BFFs "The Guncles," got married on Wednesday! 

The couple tells PEOPLE"We're excited to share that we got legally married this week! After over a decade of being a couple, the ability to legally marry is a huge milestone for our family – and all other LGBT families out there. We couldn't be more thrilled." 

Horn and Masterson originally planned to legally marry in a 2009 ceremony, but Prop. 8's passage turned that into a commitment ceremony (planned by Tori, of course).  

The couple eagerly tied the knot this week after their missing their previous chance.

Masterson explains, "We wanted to be certain we didn't miss our opportunity again."

"On Monday we spent nearly five hours at the Van Nuys courthouse waiting in line to receive our marriage certificate, and we took the first available time to be legally married."

The upside to getting legally married in 2013?  Their 3-year-old daughter, Simone, who they adopted in 2010, was able to participate!

Masterson says, "She stood up with us at the altar and took part in the ceremony by holding our hands. It was a beautiful moment for us to share together. She had a fantastic time playing with the artificial flowers in the courthouse's wedding room."

Congrats on making it legal, guys!!


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