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Transgender Doctor Vows Free Surgery To Trans Veterans Affected By Trump's Ban!

Transgender, Ex-Navy Doctor Vows Free Surgery To Trans Military Affected By Ban

According to CNN, Transgender, Ex-Navy Doctor, Christine McGinn, is offering free gender-confirming surgery to those affected with Donald Trump’s alleged military ban. McGinn spoke with CNN to display her frustration towards the ban.

“I think the cost of getting rid of very well specialized, trained military service people is exponentially larger than just taking care of them. Some people opt to have no surgeries, but in general, most of my patients are back to work in six weeks, sometimes two weeks. I think that this is getting inflated to make it a little more political. I think that this sounds a lot like when we had people of color who wanted to serve, women, or gays and lesbians who wanted to serve. I think any fifth-grader could see that.”

McGinn, who began her transition from male to female seventeen years ago, was named senior flight surgeon at Willow Grove Naval Air Station. Since, she performs gender-confirming surgery at her practice in Pennsylvania.

I’m extremely satisfied with McGinn’s gesture! Veterans taking care of veterans is crucial in our current society. Some of social media, which is slowly turning people into demons, of course decide to flame McGinn. They are claiming she should strictly be helping disabled veterans, only. Because, those are the only veterans that need our affection and attention? Please.

Shout out to you, Doctor McGinn. Thank you for all of your hard work!

What do you think of McGinn's promise?

For the full video interview with McGinn and CNN, click here!