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Transgender Republican, Lauren Scott, Wins GOP Primary For Nevada Assembly

​In an unexpected twist, transgender war veteran Lauren Scott has won the Republican primary election for the Nevada Assembly!

The Washington Blade reports: 

Lauren Scott, who’s transgender and a veteran of the Persian Gulf War, won the Republican primary election for Nevada Assembly District 30 in a contest against Adam Khan. She took 58 percent of the vote compared to 42 percent won by her opponent.

The district, which includes parts of Reno, is heavily Democratic, but Scott pledged to fight to win the general election.

“I have always been a moderate and I am willing to work with Democrats and Republicans to find solutions to the problems facing Nevada today,” Scott said in a statement.

Although her opponent was endorsed by the Nevada Republican Assembly, Scott was endorsed by Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval. She hasn’t been endorsed by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund. In the general election, Scott will face off against Democratic incumbent State Assembly member Michael Sprinkle. 

Scott helped found Equality Nevada and is credited for working to advance civil rights issues in the states. 

According to the Blade:

If elected, Scott could be the first openly transgender person to serve in a state legislature in U.S. history. However, she may compete for that distinction with Dana Beyer, who competing with State Sen. Rich Madaleno in Maryland for the Democratic nomination for his district in Maryland.

Surprised to see the Republican electorate in Nevada elect a transgender candidate, Instincters? We suppose more surprising things have happened, right?


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Lauren Scott

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Or maybe some lgbt people should be a part of the Republican party to bring a more common sense approach and moderate stance to the party in contrast to the far right politicians currently holding most Republican seats......

Not all republicans are bad.  She might be what that party needs to get their stuff together!  As it is, republicans have been destroying our country and more and more ignorant people have been taking republican seats, let's hope she can be an ally on the other side of the fence.

"I'm a republican. I hate my OWN community. Let's stop it!" Republicans pfffft...

This is a sad case. How any minority, and yes gays and trensgender are minorities, can be republicans and be part of the problem.

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