Transgender Singer Jaimie Wilson Shares His Story

It's quite likely that you remember Jaimie Wilson, the transgender man who set out to break stereotypes with one powerful social media post.


Jaimie's message resonated with hundreds of thousands of people across the internet.

And now, BuzzFeed UK, has caught up with him to learn more about his story.


Previously, Jaimie shared on Facebook:

‘Coming out as transgender was the best and worst day of my life thus far.

‘I miss having my family in my life…I miss my parents being proud of me…but you know what I don’t miss? I don’t miss the nights I laid alone battling with my feelings…I don’t miss waiting for everyone to leave the house so I could put on masculine clothes and tuck my long hair under a hat…I don’t miss hiding.

‘When you look at me I’m not the strongest, the tallest, or the most handsome man…but you know what I AM? I’m finally ME and god does it feel so good.’




I applaud you. As much as we're taught to think of others, we ALL need to think and TAKE CARE OF ourselves. You MUST live YOUR life and not serve the desires and fears of others. And you are indeed quite a beautiful, extremely attractive man. I wish you ALL THE VERY BEST!

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