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Transgender Student Named Homecoming Queen In California

Updated Monday 10:20 a.m. PST

While we were applauding Cassidy Lynn Campbell being crowned Homecoming queen the transgender teen has unfortunately been the victim of intense cyber bullying this weekend following her victory. 

Take a look at the heartbreaking video she posted:

While Cassidy is obviously exceptionally brave, we've gotta keep in mind that she's still a teen and this kind of bullying naturally has a huge impact. 

Stay strong, girl! We support you!


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A transgender student was named Homecoming queen at a Southern California high school! 

Reuters reports:

Cassidy Lynn Campbell broke down in tears before being crowned on the football field on Friday as fellow students at Marina High School in Huntington Beach cheered her on after she won a popular vote, according to video footage of the event.

"Whether I won or not tonight, I was a winner from the beginning, and I already knew it," Campbell told a news conference after the ceremony, according to KCAL9, a local news channel.

"If this could help one child, or more, or hundreds, or thousands, or millions, then it was more than worth it," said Campbell, wearing the homecoming queen's fur-trimmed cape over her strapless pink and blue dress.

Campbell, who was born biologically male but identifies as female, was not immediately available for comment to Reuters.

"If Marina High School is to make high-profile news during its homecoming week this year," the Los Angeles Times quoted school Principal Paul Morrow as saying, "then we are proud that the message is one of equity and individual respect."


Here's some footage from LA's NBC4:

Congrats, Cassidy!!


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Shortly after winning this title, this beautiful, brave girl was the victim of such sever cyber bullying that she talked about giving up.  She said that she just wanted this one day to feel happy & to have other people be happy for her, but that wasn't to be.

I hope this wonderful girl can find the strength & courage to see past the negativity that was so cruelly directed at her & focus on her amazing, history making achievement.  I hope that she continues to see & believe that she is a truly special human being & I wish for her all the joys & happiness that any other girl could expect.

Cassidy Lynn Campbell, I wish you an amazing & spectacular & incredibly ordinary life filled with love & acceptance.  Be proud of yourself.  You are an inspiration.

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