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Transgender Woman Announces Russian Presidential Candidacy

We previously reported on Masha Bast, the prominent Russian lawyer who bravely came out as transgender in the midst of Russia's targeting of the LGBT community. 

Now Bast is taking things a big step further as she's announced her plans to run for President of Russia in 2018!

Pink News reports:

Masha Bast, the chair of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights, made the announcement on Facebook.

She and her supporters are hoping to hold the “first real democratic honest and fair elections in Russia.”

If she were elected, Bast would be the first female president of Russia, and the first openly LGBT person to lead the nation.

Bast’s campaign will focus on “human rights and freedoms, justice and social guarantees to everyone.”

In stark contrast to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Bast is pro-LGBT, pro-marriage equality, and opposes discrimination “against anyone on any grounds”.


What do you think of Bast's decision to run for President, Instincters?


This has awesome written all over it. It is unlikely she will win in that social climate but possible she can win and most likely will draw enough support to at least make Putin uneasy. What a way to send a message and give citizens there an outlet to express their support for lgbt rights. 

I completely agree.  I just hope that she is not assassinated, which is a very real possibility.

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