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Transgender Woman & Friends Receive 'Gay B*tches' Receipt At D.C. Eatery

Lambda Legal has filed a complaint against Bistro 18, a restaurant in the Adams Morgan neighborhood in Washington, D.C., after a server at the restaurant allegedly gave a transgender patron, Amira Gray, and her friends a receipt with their table listed as "Gay Bitches." The incident occurred on August 11, 2013.

Lambda Legal writes, describing the incident:

Amira and her eight friends were repeatedly ignored by their server and had to approach the bar to order. During the evening, the server came to the party’s table only once to deliver the hookah machine the group had ordered at the bar. At the end of the night, the bartender dropped off the check, which had the words “GAY BITCHES” printed where the customer’s name would be written.

When one of Gray’s friends brought this to the attention of the bar’s manager, the manager tried to remove the offending receipt and print a new one without the slur. However, the group kept the original receipt and captured photos of it that accompany this blog post.

On her decision to file a complaint with Washington, D.C.'s Office of Human Rights, Gray explains:

"When my friends and I saw the receipt, we were humiliated and embarrassed. We went in planning to enjoy Bistro 18 just like everyone else in the hookah bar that evening, but it turned into a disturbing experience. I am standing up for my friends and me because I don’t think anyone should have to go through that."
We hope the offending server has been fired. What's your take on the incident, Instincters?


Transsexuals are born this way and the nasty gay queen who made the unflattering comments about transsexuals is as vile as the waiter himself.

this sort of behavior is totally disgusting and most uncalled for although transsexuals should behave like ladies in public and it should not  become apparent that they  are transsexuals!!!!

They obviously behaved badly!!!!

Let me say, right up front...I've never been to Bistro 18 and am unlikely to ever go. I don't smoke, hookahs or otherwise. But it's clear that this business is getting a raw deal from Lambda Legal and THAT is what concerns me. I speak as one of those who helped put the District's Human Rights Law on the books originally so I know a little something about it and Lambda Legal (an organization that I have always supported) has simply perverted the appropriate use of that law in this case.

Yes, it's clear, from both the complaint and the owner's/manager's statements, that a group of patrons were disrespected by a server at this establishment. That point is not in dispute. But when that was brought to management's attention, they acted immediately to address the situation appropriately. They fired the server responsible on the spot. They apologized to the group. They comped the group's drinks.

The same group returned on a later date and, once again, the management comped their drinks to try to make up for the disrespect they had experienced before and to let them know that their patronage was welcome.

Furthermore, the establishment has a history -- they have often hosted LGBT parties and events, welcomed LGBT groups, and hired LGBT employees. There is no history of discriminatory actions on the part of this business, its management or employees, other than this one incident by this one former employee.

The business responded appropriately and should not be castigated, by Lambda Legal or anyone else. The complaint will wind its way through the DC Office of Human Rights which will consider the statements and actions by all parties and make a determination. I'd be amazed if that determination was anything other than "not guilty." It's fine for Lambda Legal to represent the complainant, but they should do so within the parameters of the complaint process, not by fomenting unjust and defamatory vigilantism in social media.

Here's a link to a news source that took the time to research the story before publishing it:

you know its this shit that's eating up the gay community this is why trannys should not be categorized with the LGB if not for a peace of legislation in the 90s this waste of time article would not be getting posted there are far worse things happening 2 gay people round the world that need the media atenchan than some trumped up tranny that cant take a joke get over your self   

Lee, if you are part of the gay community, then that is our loss because you are as dumb as you are ignorant. Its 'piece', and 'They're', and wow, the spelling of 'attention'....sad.

your an idiot

You're *

When calling someone an idiot. Try not to come off as one yourself...

I too was a server and I am

pretty sure table 1, table 2, table and seat 1, seat 2 and seat 3 sufficed. If you haven't learned how to count and have trouble remembering your section, then let's please stick to this tactic. You will be labeled a dumb bigot

Maybe its not the fact that it is still being addressed, but i dont think anyonr should ever forget this, because one you may not be gay but transgenders were born that way, they did NOT choose to be that way. 99.99% of the time transgenders were born with what today's society calls a birth defect. People like that, especially this woman, should be commended for those of them that actually come out in the open with their birth defect. This woman has the strength to stand up for herself and her companions that is much more than i can say for a lot of people. And she should never be forgotten

"Birth deffect"????...

Dude, i serve and have served for many years. When you have a sea of people (especially in a bar setting) these "nicknames" on checks are a god send. And guess "fat red shirt?" Your fat... and your wearing a red shirt. Maybe they were, and by maybe i mean i have no doubt, you were imfact bitches. Sorry.

I have been a server for 30+ years.So I have seen it all. I have never in my life done something as stupid and humiliating to a customer or seen it done. This is all down to this gimme generation who expect everyone to do and be as they say. The parents told them one to many times." Your my perfect baby." Guess what you are NOT! So in that case who was the actual bitch.The server.

Sorry, no I'm not sorry. A table #, area i.e. 'SW corner' or even 3 women works better. I guess I could put F...ING IDIOT on your ticket is fine with you. After all you ARE a F...ING IDIOT. 

The thing is. When you go off to work, you're meant to be professional at all times; Whether you dislike someone or so and so. You have no right to label someone in that way- to dehumanize anyone. The only time you can express your opinions at work is, if in the job description it FUCKING STATES IT... you should be disgraced and i bet if i saw you, there would be a lot of things i could say- but because i am a decent person, i will leave someone to express themselves HOWEVER THEY WANT TO! 

I am a server/bartender as well. And yes, those nicknames are a godsend. But there is definitely a more tactful way of phrasing it. As a server, you should know that you NEVER put something offensive somewhere that a guest could possibly see. Grossly obese people may disgust me, but i would never put "FAT BITCH" on her check. It's not even about the gay issue, (which it totally is) it's a customer service issue...that is just plain asinine.

Mmmmm, yeah. Probably would be smarter to just not to put any insulting stuff in writing. Especially if it's going to print on the receipt. Why not just "red shirt" ? 

So I gather from your ridiculous comment that you approve of what the server put on the slip? You're a rancid infected goat taint.

}: )

yeah, this wouldn't go down quietly with me.  Not anymore.  I used to be polite and turn the other cheek.  Now....Fuck that!  No one shits on me.  I roar! and anyone who goes through that kind of bullshit needs to do the same.

Please tell me they didnt pay a dime. The manager printed a new one? Same thing happened to me at Cracker Barrel years ago. We were ignored, our table used as a refil station and when I complained nothing happened. I left a generous tip but have never gone back to any one of their stores. It was traumatizing and I was much younger and scared to stand up for myself. Never again.

Why is this still being address.  It was over a year ago and it was dealt with then.  The server was fired and the bill was taken care of.  

It's being addressed because legal action is just now being taken.

I tell you what, I guarantee that auto gratuity would have been taken off my bill before I left there.  Tips are for good service, not an expectation from a bigot jackass server.

At least they didn't use the dreaded 'tranny' !!

Man, I'd love to be called a gay bitch! And 'go girlfriend!'

This makes me sad. I hate that they went through that.

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